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Alright, they're the big ones, ok, no need to debate it, you all know what they mean to the PS3, you all know there's a possibility, no matter how small you think it might be, that these titles could go multiplatform. Were that to happen to just one, it would be an absolute disaster. Were it to happen to both, well, it genuinly could spell the end for the Playstation 3 as the first, and even second player in this generation. What does that mean? It means the money we spent on our PS3s yielded less value than it would have had SCE been responsible in it's approach to third party exclusives - the way Microsoft has been. That's not something you can only whine about - we are investors in Sony Computer Entertainment, they exist because we do, we pay their wages. It's time we quit waiting for Sony to take the aggressive stance we know is necessery to obtain third party exclusives this generation, and ask, no, demand, that they do so. Immediatly. Thousand signed the Capcom boycot petition, but it's argument was flawed - the loss of Devil May Cry 4 was not the fault of Capcom, they are simply a business trying to make maximum profit. No the fault lies with Sony, who had to either make an exclusive deal happen, or let it slip to the 360. Capcom made an official response, but Sony hasn't been held accountable. I have created a petition to call for Sony to remedy their faults and deliver on our financial investment in their company, and I call for you all to sign it with me, and distribute it's URL on other gaming sites, until it is large enough to similarly gain the attention of SCE. You all know we can't afford to lose FFXIII and MGS4 - whether you think it will happen or not, signing this petition will take a second, and could help us communicate to Sony explicitly how much we want them to be on our side, fighting for the future of the PS3 in the realities of this generation. Thank you, I want to start a petition against those petitions :(.

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If you want to make a useful petition, why don't you petition Sony to drop the price of the PS3 to a historically normal price (say $300-$400)?

That's the risk you run when purchasing a console so soon after its launch.

Happy you got a point. These petitions are stupid. It just goes to show that these companies have a plan and the ignorant elite of the hardcore just don't know how to keep quiet.

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If only I had the thought to start a petition, I could have saved the Virtual Boy from it's disastrous collapse.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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Actually, Sony isn't as much to blame as is the consumers. If more people bought PS3, then maybe they would stay. Of course, there is nothing you can do to affect that, so blame pretty much falls on Sony. But, even then Sony probobly wont listen to you. It seems like their personality, but unless you throw your PS3s at the Sony HQ. If you want to make a difference, buy DMC4 for the PS3. If you buy enought copies on the PS3, then Capcom and others may relizes they can save money on a single platform, if one is doing much better then the other. So, boycotting it may be the worst option.