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Onimusha12 said:
blaydcor said:
Onimusha12 said:
Nick, why not have both an English and Japanese version if one game already had the Japanese version. It seems like simple common sense to me.
Common sense is well and good, but cold hard fact has otherwise to say; A DS cart has limited space, and audio takes up quite a bit of space. At the very least, they might have to up the capacity of the cart for ZX Advent, which would knock down profits.


speculation is just that, and until capcom confirms such there's really no grounds to assume that.

If you don't share our views on the matter, that's fine, your opinion is still valid to you, but as you've pointed out with your Naruto comment, you'd be content to getting anything so long as it was formally released in your area. And I'm sorry, that's not good enough for me and certainly not enough to concede to any of your points which are merely excuses after the fact for something you quite honestly could care less about. I'm sorry sir, You do not make a convincing argument.

? Argument?I was stating my opinion, speculation as to why they might not include both languages ( you posed the question, did you not?)---and my opinion was simply pointing out that most the "superiority" of keeping the original language is more percieved than actual. Which, the entire time, was my OPINION, not an argument. Learn to read, or at least to comprehend, before you go pointing fingers.And, way to put completely ridiculous words in my mouth from the Naruto comment. Because that is not, in essence or fact, at all what I said. 


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I'm liking this. I'm liking this a lot.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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blaydcor said:


 Good point. Anyone ever play Baten Kaitos? Remember Xelha? WORST VOICE ACTOR (actress) EVER. Literally. I've never hated somebody so much just because of their voice.That being said, for the most part, I can overlook cheesy voice acting in the face of comprehension (withou subtitles.) 


Are you kidding!? Xelha > you

*plays Baten Kaitos*

*Use bamboo stick attack item*

Xelha: "HAAaaaaAAAaaaAAA!!!"

Best warcry ever. I say roffle every time.


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I prefer subs over dubs but most Americans I know dont.

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@ blaydcor - That's nice, I'm not going to argue semantics with you, if what you were presenting was a simple opinion it would have ended long ago, now it is an argument, we can't even ignore you without you responding to what we say to someone else with your belittling and dismissive words. I'm not putting up with a second 'Your Mother', this conversation is over.

@ Topic - I don't think I'm going to support this game and will probably sell it back (not that it will do much good), I know that sounds extremely petty and childish, and perhaps it is, but I don't want this. If the first ZX was in english, I could at least tell myself, well that's just the way this series is going to be, but no, they've given me a taste of what it could be and now have shown me what it isn't.

This is like reliving the horrible days of the Megaman X games on the PS and PS2 with the horrible voice acting.

I'm going to try and contact Capcom and voice my concerns and can only hope others do the same, there's obviously not enough concern for any kind of petition so chances are I'm looking at a lost cause, but I can't just settle for this, I can't relieve the days of Megaman on the PS and PS2. I just can't...

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Can I come too?

Its because I have no social life ='(

Onimusha I tried the same like you did (contact a publisher).

They will not listen.

Just import the Japanese game. I am doing this with the most games I have an Onnagirl to.

So you never will be dissapointed.

I... I can always try Konnichiwa... I can always try...

I can always hope someone from Capcom is here on the forum and sees this thread, but even then I don't think two opinions out of a slew of dismissive individuals will convince them of anything.

Yea I don't mind the dubbing, as long as there is a choice to have it in Japanese with subs.

SeriousWB said:
Yea I don't mind the dubbing, as long as there is a choice to have it in Japanese with subs.

same here, why does Capcom think it has to be one or the other? They offered the option on the first onimusha then just dubbed the rest.

I just wish there was some way I could make my opinion matter here, I wish there was something I could do about this...