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.......... WTF!?!?! Were was this 2 years ago when I bought mine?!

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The post is up again on the PS Blog and the deal is live on Best Buy's site. It's also in Best Buy's weekly circular.

I hope they have extra stocks of PS3's at best buy lol

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that seems like a awesome deal right??. or not??.

KABOOM!!. jajajaja!!.

It's like lighting a match in a room full of Gas...

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Wow....Sony just really wanna make sure you beat Microsoft this Christmas don't you? DAMN IT. If only they had Gran Turismo 5 coming this holiday. They would own on all Regions

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Hus said:
... where the hell was deal when i was buying a PS3

This. I got a decent deal on a Samsung TV but this deal would have been hella tight.

Ah, false advertisement at its best. If you all go the the site and actually do the math, the saving is a flat 429 bucks on every TV, no matter the TV. That does not include the TV savings that they are offering, so the whole -1.1k bullshit is not true, the package discount is only 429.

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