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I basically have a few questions. As a possible future PS3 owner, I'll be concerned when firmware updates come. A good friend of mine has had constant problems ever since he updated to 3.0. A few of his games freeze right in the middle of gameplay too. I know he has a newer 80 gig model, so his PS3 isn't that old. Basically I'm just looking for comments on your experiences. I'd appreciate anything. No trolling please.

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Never had any problem since the PS3 release 3 years ago. Firmware 3.0 was confirm to freeze Uncharted 1 but everything else is probably not related to update.

I've never had problems with firmware updates.  I have a launch 60 gig btw.

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Never had a problem either. I own the 40GB version, and I update on the day they are released.

To be honest, never had a problem with updates, if anything they improve my experience. I was lucky enough to not experience the infamous Uncharted 1 update, only 1 I'm experiencing is the inability to sync trophies and it's getting on my nerves. But apart from that it's all gravy.

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If you're worried about it just wait a week until you update. Firmware problems seem to happen A LOT with PS3 updates for some reason, but they're also usually fixed quickly

my ps3 as little few freezing history but when it happens it ha nothing to do with firmware updates... just heat... but this is my experience with my 60gb launch model... the others i dont know... slim is better than mine dealing with heat so it should freeze less than mine.

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Never had any problems with the fm-updates either atleast nothing noticeable, and neither has any of my friends as far as I know.

Just don't let the console overheat in tight space

i never had a software problem with updates-

Everythings been fine on my end. Old B/C 80GB. A few hangups on the XMB after the most recent update but it seems that was just a 3 time thing. Hasn't happened recently.

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