Forums - Sony Discussion - Would you like it if Sony started producing CELL chips for PC?

Everybody knows CELL is a powerhouse and Sony have spent billions in R&D for it with IBM and Toshiba.


Do you think Sony,IBM & Toshiba should start producing CELL processor for PC's?


*Edit - If they don't get MS support ,then they should get Google's Android.

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Why not.... It is much quicker than my processor, but I don't know the technical details of everything

There isn't the software to back that architecture up for a desktop.

whatever gives them money, thought this was already happening? sorta a no brainer if they havent

alekth said:
There isn't the software to back that architecture up for a desktop.


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It is already in a supercomputer or two if my memory is correct. but making them for normal computers would be astonishingly stupid. There is no software that can run on it because of the architecture.

EDIT: Sorry, modern software

Windows dont work together with Power Processors. Even some Linux Versions dont have a kernel which can use them.

It could work in a MAC.

the cell works VERY differently then a PC CPU, its even adding into the fact why there will never be a PS3 emulator.

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they should do a bit more R&D and launch it for the PC and have Google partner them with ANDROID

It couldn't run Windows. Therefore there is no market. It is faster for certain workloads, but general PC workloads aren't included in that, and anything which needs the kind of FP it can provide would be better off with a newer GPU like the HD4k/5k or GTX2xx.

It could run Linux (and used to, on PS3).

But it would never work as a desktop chip. Toshiba put half a Cell in some laptops for video encoding and performance/quality wasn't great but sales didn't justify the additional costs.