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I have decided that i am going to start trying to build my upper body strength. The only problem is that i don't know what foods go well with that. If anyone can help me i will appreciate it greatly.

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All you really need is commitment in the gym because the average American Diet is already full of protein and such......I guess just having a protien supplement after working out (or before, read the instructions) helps a little.

Are you trying to just get strong as in lift weights , or are you trying to get strong to win in fights?

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Pasta, the carbohydrates wil help when working out. Also eat a banana before and after working out, The Potassium helps with cramping

I have a bowflex in my basement and i am using that for weights. And thanks since i already eat a lot of carbs i will now just need to drink a lot of milk for protein.

You want a high protein diet, or in other words 1g protein per pound every single day, even if you aren't exercising. Chicken, nuts, eggs, beans, are all good sources of protein.

This article is relatively well put together for a guide on how to build muscle. Obviously you may not be that extreme, but do what makes sense for you.

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I take in a ton of natural protein. I drink about 3 glasses of skim milk a day and I might eat meat, eggs, cottage cheese, peanut butter, etc. My upper body workout basically just consist of push ups and lifting weights.

Ok so i need to emphasize on protein so i will drink a lot of milk. I bet my parents will be happy lol.

Carbohydrates and protein.

You van get carbohydrates from bread, potatoes, pasta, etc... And you can get protein from egg, meat, beans, etc...

Oooh, I know I know! Health taught me that you should have a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, dairy, and grain!

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Bowflex?? That is for wimps. You need to lift free weights if you want true mass. Also, some machine weights are also really good for mass. But free weights should be Number 1

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