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My PS3 got the YLOD, I hate breakages, so instead of paying £128 to get it fixed I sold all my games and got a blu ray player. I really want a new PS3 now, but have just bought a non-replaceable Blu-Ray Im turning to the 360 and think I should try it out. However, it's in fifth year (me thinks) and Im not sure spending £250 for an Elite + MW2 + FM3 + Live is worth it if a new Xbox will be soon around the corner. So, how long is the 360 going to last? Predictions plz ;)

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three years max

Well If I get 2 years out of it I will be happy -_-

I don't think there will be a new 360 for at least 2-3 years.  It just doesn't look plausable.

Taz! said:
Well If I get 2 years out of it I will be happy -_-

You can get more than that out of it. I recommend not being an early adopter on the next microsoft machine. Wait for the first revision on the hardware. So you can easily get 3-5 years out of a 360

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Taz! said:
Well If I get 2 years out of it I will be happy -_-

the earliest they could possibly launch a new system would be next November, so 1 year of full support. However, Natal is coming out next year and there is no way they would luanch that and then immediatly follow up with a new console, so that would push back a new system until at least the following November.

So there are your 2 years. Either way, since the X360 has been successful, XBL will stay online for a while after the next system releases, plus you have tons of games that you can buy for cheap. There is no reason not to buy any console if you are interested in it.

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Minimum 2 years! I mean like bare minimum.

The earliest they can announce a console is 2010 E3...and I am 99% sure they wont as they have so much going for them on the 360. If natal is a huge falure they may panic and announce it for 2011 Q4.

However, Im guessing 2012 Q4 for a new console. It should be the logical guess for most people here.

Hey I remember you Taz! Welcome back.

And about your question, I have no idea.

I think we are at least two years away from the next generation first console. Buy with ease.

It will be launched between 2011-2013 for sure.