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Use this next time:


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The oringinal post is a totally phony secenario, and it sounds like someone who was already an inbred freak baby wrote it.


Cigars and Champagne for everyone!

Well I guess if you can't keep it in your pants you at least kept it in your family.

outlawauron said:
Ask your boss at NoA!

What Would Reggie Do?

Ok...I lol'd :P


Honestly this seemes like whoring off wessles attention

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Oh, come on.

Did she really get that scared just from a spider?



Oh btw, you should totally tell your parents!

*debating whether this ir real*

but if it is...you sir are SOL(sh*t out of luck)

hi wessle!

[2:08:58 am] Moongoddess256: being asian makes you naturally good at ddr
[2:09:22 am] gnizmo: its a weird genetic thing
[2:09:30 am] gnizmo: goes back to hunting giant crabs in feudal Japan

rocketpig said:

He's probably lying but hooking up with a cousin is far more common than one would think. Also, there's very little chance of the baby having birth defects... only 1-2% more than normal.

Now if two consecutive generations do it, the chances of defects go way up.

Really, it's a strange myth that has stayed in our social consciousness for far too long. It was disproved over 30 years ago. Hell, even marrying a cousin is legal in half the US and pretty much all of Europe.

Well at least in West Virginia