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So, I am going to America this christmas, and so of course it is a great opportunity to get some games for slightly cheaper, though I will get a few in the UK if there are good deals

I have already got Uncharted, Ratchet, MW 2, AC II and DA O (well the last 2 are coming on Friday)

So, firstly, I want a racing game, and some of the ones I am considering are:

Midnight Club LA (Greatest Hits)
DiRT 2
Need for Speed Shift

I am very likely going to get the God of War Collection, but then there are a few other games to consider

Fallou 3 GotY (haven't played the main game)
Brutal Legend
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

So what games would people reccomend? I am open to most games so long as they are not horror games

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Demon's Souls ? Haven't played it, but I will get it later, based on the positive feeback.d

Fallout 3 GOTY is a must have.

I'd also recommend you to buy DiRT2. The strange thing is that I played much more NFS Shift although I find it to be slightly inferior. So Shift is also a great game.

Demon's Souls

I've been told Brutal Legend is awesome so I'd suggest that. Also the racing game you choose depends entirely on you preferences, do you like arcade of sim racers better?


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I like most racers... My current games include DiRT, Grid, GT Prologue, Motorstorms and Burnout so I don't really have a preference either way, I guess that is not that useful

As for Daemon Souls, I am just not convinced about. The reviews say that it is very hard, and requires a massive amount of patience, not something that I have

Well I'd say if you want something different to what you have then get NFS: Shift. But if you want a better version of DiRT, then get DiRT 2. I haven't tried Midnight Club so I can't comment on that but it doesn't sound like my type of racer.


I am not convinced by SHiFT. I donwloaded the demo, and it certainly did not convince, so I am leaning towards DiRT 2, as I only briefly, I rushed through it in 3 days to get 1000g, so I am not tired of the formula, but MC LA does have the advantage of being cheap

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