I think Sony will save GT5 for Fall 2010 release in NA/EU. Here is Why

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We all know Sony just recently announced a March 2010 release for GT5, but did not confirm a worldwide release nor giving any specific date for US and EU.

My thinking is the Japan version will be without NASCAR. It will take extra time to add the full NASCAR part to the game.

Also, I think Sony will premier this game at E3 because they needed a big game to counter Mario Galaxy 2/a new Zelda for Wii and Halo Reach for X360.

Outside of God of Wars and now Uncarted, Sony don't really have a name besides GT5 that can go toe to toe with the Halo and Zelda/Mario.

Both Final Fantasy 13 and Metal Gear Risen will be on X360 as well and new franchises such as The Last Guardian and Agent are too unknown and might not be ready till 2011 to really make an impact.

There are rumors of LBP2, KZ2, and/or Resistance 3 making the Fall release. But none of these games will be big enough to match the Nintendo trio of Zelda, Mario, and Metroid or Halo with the posibility of Gears of War 3 on the Horizon as well.

What do you guys think. What should Sony do?

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what I think, in the order in which I thought it
1) I wish people would name months, not seasons. Seasons are dependant on where you live. Months are not.

2) In what sense can uncharted and God of War compete with Halo and Zelda/Mario?

3) I suspect you are right when you say that GT5 will release worldwide in 2010 but after march. This pretty much confirms that it will be at E3. I doubt the japanese version will have less content, it would be a bad precedent for Sony to set in the homeland

Sony survived one Halo, im sure they can survive the other.

Halo Reach will sell tons of software, but won't push much hardware, so GT 5 won't have to fight it over the holidays. I think we'll see God of War III in March, Final Fantasy XIII in April (?), and GT5 in May or June. This way they can have three fantastic months in a row, two of which will help their next fiscal year look really good to stock holders.

Now that you bring this up, it does seem like early 2010 is pretty stacked with likes of MAG, GOW, FF13, Heavy Rain, GT5 (which I think will release concurrently worldwide), while we have barely heard of any late 2010 titles (Resistance 3?)... Usually if it's Sony it's leaked the second they start working on it.

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You're forgetting Agent, RayRay. If Take Two and Sony are grooming it to be the next GTA, this could be massive.

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- Heavy Rain

- White Knight Chronicles
- God of War
- GT5 (Japan)

- Splinter Cell: Conviction
- White Knight Chronicles
- Mass Effect 2 (timed exclusive)

- Monster Hunter Tri
- Sin & Punishment 2
- Arc Rise Fantasia
- Red Steel 2
- Endless Ocean 2
- Fragile
- No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle


- GT5 (Rest of the World)
- Launch of Motion Controller

- Alan Wake

- Super Mario Galaxy 2
- Metroid: Other M


- The Agency
- The Last Guardian
- Quantum Theory
- ModNation Racers

- Halo: Reach
- Metro 2033

- Unknown


- Agent
- Resistance 3
- Final Fantasy XIV

- Fable 3
- Launch of Natal
- Natal launch titles

- Retro Studios new title
- Wii Vitality
- Epic Mickey



white knight chronicles is not a 360 exclusive, its a ps3 exclusive.

bioshock 2 will not be timed exclusive like the 1st one.

you should also add 3d dot game heroes into one of the ps3 exclusive list. (probly Q3 or Q4)


@op: i will guess twisted metal HD might come as the big game for sony for fall 2010.

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@puffy: White Knight Chronicles for the 360? really?

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