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This is exactly what it sounds like. Now that I'm finally taking the time to sit down and play Metroid Prime Trilogy, I have need of creating this thread, as none exists yet and nobody on my Friends List seems to own this damn game.


Metroid Prime is a series which has, as a rule, the best unlockable content in the universe. Full game soundtracks, concept art that would make your mother cry, all sorts of wonderful things. This has been true in every game and it is especially true in Metroid Prime Trilogy, where we have all the content from all the games. It is a package unlike any other.

However, the unlockable content is unlockable in a very specific way - Metroid Prime Trilogy awards "achievement points" of a sort, color-coded according to the kind of achievement you have accomplished, which can be used to buy certain things. Every single color in the game can be gotten all on its lonesome, so if you 100% everything (which can be hard) you will get all the necessary points for unlocking all content.

Except for the green ones.

You see, in order to unlock content that requires green achievements, you must have Friend Vouchers. You can earn yoru own, yes, but you can't use them - you have to send them to another friend so they can use them, and they can send theirs to you.

So here is what we're going to do.

Metroid Prime Trilogy only requires that you share Wii codes - it has no friend codes of its own. So we're going to share our console codes in this thread and we will use them to swap Friend Vouchers. It will be a while before I can send any out, but I will start off:

The Big Updated List of Metroid Prime Trilogy-Owning People Who Want Friend Vouchers


Khuutra - 4360-6619-5497-7634
famousringo - 1962-1090-1437-1850
blunty51 - 3946-7771-2949-6465
Soma - 4268 9719 1932 3069
Kenology - 6761-9883-7072-2526
Wiisley64 - 4285-8446-9839-0226
Jowgen - 4688-1754-5781-6333
angrypoolman - 8578 3842 6416 3239
DOLBYdigital - 2352-9528-8372-8013
Voltaire - 8319-5002-7851-6312
AkiraGr - 3280-8968-4194-4977
jordo - 0752-2247-8008-2995
buzzard -
t3mporary_126 - 5053-3427-0412-6953


IxisNaugus - 0919-2790-0951-3091
hsrob - 6849 4562 8559 7567
Luthor - 6775-1034-2238-1634
Cheebee - 3665 6668 2228 7063
nintendogamer - 8437-6004-3713-3054

Posts yours, and I will add you to the list.

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I'm still on the first installment of the Trilogy, and taking a break to beat Cursed Mountain (for halloween, of course), but when do get around to episode 3, I'm sure as hell gonna want to unlock all the goodies.


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I got it, I'll check our wii code when I get back home. Great Idea btw, the unlockables are absolutely epic.

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Glad you guys like it. If I could get this stickied, then we could always jsut come back to this and bug each other for Friend Vouchers when necessary....

I'm going to go advertise this thread on the walls of some of the game's owners, do excuse me

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Is this like the friends codes for MP3?

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I'm from Europe so I have a PAL copy, does this still work?
I don't know my Wii Code, I'll check it next time I get on my Wii.


Oh and I've only started MP1 two days ago. I have also beaten MP3 as stand alone so I might skip it here.

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c03n3nj0 said:
Is this like the friends codes for MP3?

Basically yes


I don't know, but I can separate people according to region if you like. Though there's only about 40k of you over there with this game....

Hey thanks for the heads up on the wall.

I dunno did MP3 have its own friend code? If not It'll probably be the same Wii code perhaps

Son1x said:

I'm from Europe so I have a PAL copy, does this still work?
I don't know my Wii Code, I'll check it next time I get on my Wii.


Oh and I've only started MP1 two days ago. I have also beaten MP3 as stand alone so I might skip it here.

To the bolded: I'd have to ask someone more experienced, but beating MP3 may be the only way to unlock Friend Vouchers. I'm playing through the game for a second time myself soon, so it doesn't bother me, but I'll still add you to the list if you like.

I've never actually beaten Echoes, either. Shame on me.