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You are 14, not 17, and even if you were stupid that doesnt mean everybody your age is, while me at 17, I wasnt stupid, so that means not everyone at 17 is stupid.


Uh, you took what I said way too literally.


At 17, there's still tons of things to learn in life. It really is a young age and in a sense, tons of people are stupid at that age. If you can't at least understand that, then there's really not much I can say to explain it.


I see the mistakes and stupid parts of me as room for improvement, rather than trying to pretend that they're not there.


Using the term stupid wasnt the correct thing to do, lack of experience is a whole different thing and I agree with you on that, but it certainly depends on the person, yes, you will know more things when you get older, doesnt mean that everybody older has more knowlegde.

Using the term stupid is rarely the right thing to do, it's a blanket term that you humans likes to use to describe things that annoy you, that you hate, that you find silly, so many using. It really does depend on the person, and you won't really know more when you get older, you'll just have a different chemistry, have a different set of neurons connections going in all different ways.

Most older peoples have less knowledge as they do not train the brain. Tsk tsk, I wish everyone was a ninja philosopher dude like me now. I'll just do what I do though and try to respect the uptight wishes of others.

When I write here I try to pretend that Im human, you should know that I am a GOD.

this one

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Wessle is 17. I believe that that is talking about him. Though I am 17 as well

o cool, im 17 also, but 18 on friday!

He said he dint care if he died and i doubt he has!

Acid makes everything so beautiful.

Its not that hard of a drug.

Its something that can allow you to see the beauty of all things... the subtle rainbows created by rain falling at night in front of a light... the sparkle from the stones in the pavement... the morning dew dripping from a tulip as the sun rises.

However I'm sure Wessle just made it seem to fall into the same old stereotype. And I haven't even read this thread.

[2:08:58 am] Moongoddess256: being asian makes you naturally good at ddr
[2:09:22 am] gnizmo: its a weird genetic thing
[2:09:30 am] gnizmo: goes back to hunting giant crabs in feudal Japan

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Interesting. I hope he's alright. Wonder whats going on with him.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

I bet he's refreshing this tab and laughing at all of us.

I find myself continuing to check in here!

If he's off on a bender somewhere he better get off quick, New Super Mario Bros Wii is coming out and it won't do to miss it.

The Ghost of RubangB said:
I bet he's refreshing this tab and laughing at all of us.

Either that or his mom caught him doing Acid and took his computer away.

Khuutra said:
highwaystar101 said:

Things I've learned from this thread...

1. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.
2. Working as a Ninja doesn't pay as well as being a Pirate does.
3. Pirates are 22% more likely to find employment.
4. D21Lewis is a very wise man.
5. Highwaystar101 can shove a candle (whatever that means).
6. Legalisation of softer drugs could solve a lot of problems and get rid of a few dealers.
7. Drugs are generally seen as bad by most people because they have seen how f*cked up things can get.

I used to have a friend who was into experimenting with all kinds of stuff - never did LSD again after he had a really bad trip (he said he saw things kind of shift into other things and it was like a nightmare the Aztecs would have) - but his mind went to weird places after a while. He began to see himself as an expression of some archangel, and told me that I was a machine soul rooted in logic, one of the caretenders of the universe (his words, not mine). I told him to seekk help for a lot of reasons, because I was afraid he might be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia or something, and he ended up seeking counseling (I think) but it never did much.

He kind of disappeared into the ether after a while. I never heard from him again after he tried to tell me my great uncle was an agent of evil for being part of a Masonic Lodge.

He was a good friend for a long time. We got started in our writing together. He introduced me to Kerouac. I miss him.


...Drugs are bad, mm'kay?

Machine soul rooted in logic is about how i'd explain you.  Seriously though.

I've had similar situations with friends... one was even secretly homeless for a while. 

Drugs have irreperably screwed up 5 of my friends... these were like straight A student types, but the special kind that had Charisma and were also some of the most popular kids at my school.  The type of person who has everything they need to succeed.

It's a wonder I still think all drugs should be legal.  But I do.

Ah well.