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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Tekken 6!?! really?

The more I play this game the more I think to myself Namco didn't care . The load times for every little thing is just terrible the online is beyond terrible . The "story" mode isn't good because of controlling ur person isn't good. The graphics feel like a port from ps2 I waited 3 years for this ??

One thing I still like is the offline arcade mode matches which feels like tekken .... Thank god ! 

I really don't get it this game got delayed a couple times and soul calibur got so many things right that this game missed.

I highly suggest people to rent this before buying it unless ur a DIEHARD tekken fan

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Tekken 6 came out on November 26th, 2007 for arcades in Japan.

I couldn't agree more. I LOVE tekken. I just got the game last night and feel dissapointed. like you said, the loading is way too long even if you install the game. i have no idea why they made their main story mode into tekken force. tekken force wasn't all that great on other versions of tekken. it was nice to do as a side quest sort of thing but as the main story, not so much. i expected so much more out of this game. why we had to wait so long for this is beyond me. you're also right about the graphics. they're good but nothing special. i can't help but to wonder if this has anything to do with the game going multiplat.

feel so let down by namco i thought with a great release like soul calibur iv this was gonna be insane cuz of the 3 year wait wow so let down

lol it shipped 2.5 million copies


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No fighting game should have a long load time for battles since battles are often so short.


Does it have an HD install option on the PS3? Does the HD install help at all on the 360? If not, I won't be buying. Load times in fighting games are a no no.

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

IGN nor Gametrailers mentioned this for the PS3 nor the 360. are you sure your not making this up?

it does have an install option on ps3 but even after you install it, it loads like a fighting game that hasn't been installed. Its pretty bad. the game stalls when the vs screen comes up. i had to double check and see if i actually installed the game

Wow, sorry to hear your not enjoying the game. Long load times are a problem for a fightintg game?...That's sad. You would think that by now developers would get around that. Is that problem only PS3 related, or the game itself?

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