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These are 3 respective multigame disc packaged at Budget price. All Three are AAA franchises and here are the strengths of each one:

GTA4: Episodes from Liberty City

Strength: 1. Does not require GTA4 to play  2. Out of the 3 exclusives, this is the only collection that has a brand new game/episode (Ballad of Gay Tony) 3. Online Multiplayer


Metroid Prime Trilogy

Strength: 1. You get 3 games vice 2  2. Gamecube Classics Prime and Echoes has Wiimote Control Support for a new experience   3. Kick A$$ packaging 


GOW Collection

Strength: 1. 1080P remake    2. Full PlayStation Network (PSN) Trophies Support for each Title  3. GOW 3 Demo included


So, which console has the best Collection? Rate Gold, Silver, Bronze and why.




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I can't award any of them gold, because that standard belongs to collections like The Orange Box and Super Mario Allstars + Super Mario World that just outshine these in sheer content and variety. 

I would award each silver. The GTA game seems to have rectified some of the issues forum goers have had with GTA4 and it should get kudos for that. Metroid Prime Trilogy is three excellent games, two of which are Wii-ified control wise. God of War has a graphical boost, but considering GOW3 doesn't seem to contain much more than that itself, the games won't feel dated compared to the demo and the third's eventual release. MPT is a bit more in price, but it also offers three games.

To how valuable I see each to it's ownership as far as bragging rights go:

1. MPT
2. GOW Collection
3. GTA: Episodes from Liberty City

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Ι would definitely go with GTA.
It is a whole new game. No remake, no nothing. I love God of War, but, is this a different game?
No. Same game, same gameplay (I had 2 playthroughs for each part back in the day).
Metroid Prime is interesting. I bought the trilogy, and the controlls are great. However, though the gameplay is fantastic, especially the first one, looks somehow dated.

Of course "Orange Box" tops all of them easily.

I haven't played any of them but I want GoW then MPT.
GoW - guilty pleasure, violent action brawler, yay!
MPT - because its on the system I own and supposed to be a classic
GTA4 - where am I going to find the time to play this if I'm getting GoW and MPT? :p


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Metroid Prime Trilogy gets first for having that sense of completeness. Episodes doesn't include GTA 4 itself and the God of War collection feels premature with the third game coming out right away. Admit it God of War fans, you wish it was God of War Trilogy.

I rate them:

GoW Collection
GTA Episodes

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Metroid Prime is the best value. 3 games (2 of which with new controls) put together in a set. Not to mention the Metroid Prime series is already classic. And I'm loving the metal casing. :D

God of War 3 Collection would be the second one because of the 1080p and trophy support for classic games and the possibility of other PS2 classics being remade in 1080p

GTA4: Episodes is still great and I plan on picking it up on Friday BUT it is a game that was previously available on the XBLA (already full achievement support) and a game that's going to the XBLA, nothing from previous generations, just earlier tihs year. Still, like i said, great deal.


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I would say GTA4: Episodes from Liberty City is the better deal since the game is newer while the ones for Wii and PS3 are just old games. But that doesnt mean i wont be picking up MPT and GoW hehehe =P

1. MPT
2. GoW
3. GTA

For me Metroid Prime Trilogy is like Super Mario Allstars or Zelda: Collector's Edition. A package filled with so much awsomeness I have to cry.
GoW Collection is a fine deal as well, with two remastered games and the GoWIII demo. I never was much of a GoW fan but I might get it just to play through GoWII and try GoWIII.
I have never been much of a GTA fan so for me GTA is a distant third.