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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Official 3D Dot Game Heroes Thread


 ^ How about some 3D Dot Game Music? ^

Developer: Silicon Studio  

Publisher: From Software / Atlus

Genre: Action Role Playing Game

Console: PlayStation ®3

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Save Size: 1,024kb

Install Size: Optional (~1.2GB)

Trophies: Yes: 51 in Total

North America: May 11th, 2010    

Europe: May 14th, 2010

Japan: November 5th, 2009

From Software

Silicon Studio




3D Dot Game Heroes takes place in the peaceful Kingdom of Dotnia, a world not unlike a 2D 16-bit era sprite-based RPG.

Once upon a time, there was a small 2D land called Dotnia Kingdom. The people there led peaceful lives, protected by the mysterious six orbs and the six sages who guarded them. But one day, the Dark King, Onyx, set his gaze on the power of the orbs. He captured the sages and stole the orbs.


Foul monsters began to roam the lands, threatening the towns. The kingdom fell into chaos... But just as the people to lose hope, a noble hero arrived. His sacred sword in hand, he rescued the six sages and reclaimed the six orbs.

He challenged Onyx, and with the power of his sword and the orbs, sealed the Dark King inside a Dark Orb. Thus, the young hero was praised as the savior of the kingdom, and his bravery became a legend passed down by the citizens of Dotnia.


But over the years, the tale of the hero's brave deeds faded into myth. The abundant number of travelers who visited from afar began to dwindle as the story faded. Now, once a prosperous kingdom, Dotnia lost it's luster.

Where did everyone go? Why did they lose interest in Dotnia? This called for an investigation! King Tezro, current king of Dotnia, launched a wide-spread quest for answers.

The investigation concluded, and the answer was simple: Nobody was interested in Dotnia's 2D charm any longer. The King was shaken by this realization. And so, he addressed the people with a bold declaration:

"This is an age of 3D!"

The king's new plans ignited the Kingdom. Reform began, and the 2D land was given a dramatic new 3D look.

Dotnia started to regain it's liveliness once again. But just as people began to adjust to this new way of life, an incident occurred...

Someone stole the Dark Orb that sealed the Dark King!

Once again, evil creatures besieged the kingdom. The people had no means of repelling the monsters and could only pray for salvation...

...and for the emergence of a young hero, just like the one who had saved the kingdom a long time ago.

Other characters in the game include Princess Iris, a highly friendly princess who's become lost, King Tezro, a sensible and good-natured king who transformed the Kingdom and the Priest of Darkness, the official priest of the Kingdom who's is said to have been possessed by evil and has taken the Dark Orb that sealed away Onyx.


 Apart from it’s unique visual style - the game is promised to be a lengthy experience for up to 20 - 30 hours excluding the hidden and optional stuff which can lead up to 40-50 hours of gameplay. 

The game will let you control swappable characters - a Hero and a Prince or a female Hero and a Princess along with a Traveling Scholar, who is also of male or female variety. Also amongst these three, the Ancient Warrior, who you begin the game with as you need to bring the sword to the Holy Forest to the north of the castle and place it there for future generations. You can swap between these characters and when you do so you get to keep all your items and parameters and apparently there appears to be some differences between the character types, with some being better with swords and others with magic, so there is the chance that character changes will play into the game. Along with all of this, you seem to get a spunky little fairy companion, at first this fairy will serve as a guide for the game's tutorial, although, in the main menu there are slots for multiple fairies, outside of just this initial one. This presumably means that the fairies do more than just serve as a tutorial for the game.

Now to the game's combat system. You press circle to swing your sword, X to use your sub weapon (including, a boomerang, bomb, and bow and arrow), hold square to dash and use R1 to raise your shield. It's possible to make your character do a rotating slash as well. When you attack with your sword you can direct your slash with the D-Pad or analog stick (depending on which your controlling your character with). This allows you to take out surrounding enemies. Initial impressions say that the combat system seems to be more skill based than your typical RPG.

Also note that as the hero progresses, he'll be able to use "Shader Magic". Shader Magic spells have rendering-themed names like Parallax Map, Reflection, Normal Map and Frozen Shader. You'll have to use these both to combat enemies and as a means of solving puzzles.

You can also lock your character into facing one direction, allowing you to strafe around and block incoming attacks with your shield. The game also lets you cycle through subweapons and magic quickly, without going into the main menu, allowing you to easily switch off between boomerangs to stun enemies, bombs to blast holes in walls, and arrows to strike at distant foes.

The 3D Dot Game Heroes' world, known as Dotnia Kingdom, is shown on the game's World Map below.

The locations highlighted on the map are: Poleto Forest, Arudo Wasteland, Sadoran Cemetary, Lajak Village, Cornelia Village, Dark Tower, Batalua Field, Gilga Beach, Kai Crater, Visclo Volcano and Nuntora Desert.

There are also four different view modes for this title, as showcased below. My personal favorite is the 3/4 top down view.

Outside of the main menu, there's a system menu. This lets you save (at any time), load, view your photo album, take a picture of the current scene, and change the camera angle (As seen above).

Regarding the photo mode, one option you have is to switch the game into a first person viewing mode. Here, you can move the camera freely around the world. It's like an FPS, except your character doesn't move. This is presumably designed to allow you to put your character in your shots.

You can choose to toggle an option for "grid." When set to on, the blocks that make up the game world and its characters are marked with clear borders. When off, the world appears to flow together.

The game also has a large font option, which should make reading that pixely 8-bit text a bit easier.


This game also features a very powerful character editor feature.

You can create your very own main character using a block level editor with maximum dimensions of 16 x 16 x 16. In addition to creating your character from scratch, you can use one of the preset character classes as a base.

In the above edit screen shot, the controls are listed as follows:

  • L2/R2: Change pose
  • L1/R1: Bring up the menu
  • D-pad: Move the pointer
  • Circle: place a block
  • X: I think this lets you clear a block
  • L: move camera/rotate
  • R: Zoom in/out
  • Circle + D-pad: Change pointer size
  • R2 + D-pad: Move blocks
  • SELECT: Clear all

At the top, you can select a pose for your creation: standing, walk 1, walk 2, "banzai," and sword out.

You're not limited to the presets in the palette. Pressing square lets you adjust the colors.

3D Dot Game... Rorona?

What's interesting about character creation is not only that you can create anything you want, like Link, but if you want to share it, you can export the character onto whatever form of portable memory (USB stick, Memory Stick Pro Duo) and extract it onto another PlayStation3!.

3D Dot Game... Zelda!!

At the 3D Dot Game Heroes homepage you can find the "Hall of Heroes". Here you can download characters created by other 3D Dot Gamers or even submit your own! Click the picture below to be directed to the "Hall of Heroes".



You can also customize your character's weapon as you progress. Gold that you earn from defeating enemies can be used at the town's blacksmith to customize your weapon in seven areas, including length, size, attack strength, long distance attack strength, rotation degree, and piercing strength.


The result of extended customization is some ridiculously large weapons:

Worth noting is that your weapon is only in it's ridiculously large size when your hero's health meter is at full strength. Anything less than that will result in your weapon being at default size.

Remember how From Software announced that Irem's Spelunker character would be used to promote the game? If you didn't, well now you do. In addition to his promotional activities, Spelunker will appear in the game in playable form. Once you've helped him out in the main quest, you'll be able to use Spelunker in the extremely difficult Spelunker Mode, where you can end up dying after even the smallest of falls.

Also amongst the Spelunker mode From Software has announced the following (2) minigame modes in 3D Dot Game Heroes.


Dash Race

Use your character's dash move to race through a course. Get the fastest time and you'll earn rewards.

Block DefenseA 3D Dot Game Heroes twist on Tower Defense. You position blocks of such form as "Arrow Block", "Air Block", "Missile Block", and "Fire Block". These blocks attack incoming enemies formations. It seems like you can also lend a helping hand and directly attack the enemy.
 The game will also feature a very difficult mode called "From Mode". This becomes selectable once you've cleared certain unspecified conditions in the game's standard difficulty mode. Also note that characters in the game will be conscious about the tougher mode of play, and some will praise you for your bravery.

Thanks to Andriasang


USA Launch Trailer

Natural Sword Enhancement

Most Interesting Hero in 3D

Dot Mart

The Hero Your Hero Could Be



3D Dot Game Heroes (8/8/7/7, 30 points)"The gameplay and so on is one enormous homage to Zelda and there are references to NES games everywhere, making this a nostalgia-laden trip," one reviewer wrote. "The graphics and blocky animations are very pretty, fusing old with new seamlessly, but the game itself is, for better or for worse, pretty orthodox." "The sheer amount of, homages to other games is enough to put a smile on the face of any thirtysomething gamer," as one put it. "It's a well-made title and fun in its own right, but if you try to evaluate this as a new and original game, then you can't help but start to have doubts."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8.5/10): "It's hard to criticize 3D Dot Game Heroes for invoking Shigeru Miyamoto, widely recognized as gaming's most important figure, as its muse. 3D Dot Game Heroes offers a repackaged vintage gaming experience with obvious, but appropriate, improvements in graphics and presentation while leaving some elements -- like a frustrating difficulty -- untouched. Other Zelda imitators seem to lose sight of the playfulness and irreverence that Miyamoto and others infused classic games with, but 3D Dot Game Heroes never pretends that it's anything but a game, and games like 3D Dot Game Heroes should be played."

Teletext UK:

3D Dot Game Heroes (6/10): "The end result is a game that looks utterly unique amongst modern titles and also works as a perfect celebration of older video game graphics. Visually then the game is perfect, but contrary to our initial assumptions the gameplay is not a pastiche of old school Japanese role-players but instead the early 2D Zelda games."

3D Dot Game Heroes (7/10): "All those who have a sense of nostalgia for the times which inspired 3D Dot Game Heroes or Zelda, difficult to resist its lure. Sure, the game can be seen as a kind of tribute but also as a complete detachment from what was certain sources of inspiration. A clean break with the past that maintains a certain quality, but with a bit more variety and imagination might have been more ambitious ..."

Eurogamer (Import):

3D Dot Game Heroes (7/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes is a one-trick pony, but it does its one trick very well. Anyone with any nostalgic affection for the era of its inspiration - or for classic Zelda - will find it hard to resist. You could see it either as a loving tribute or a complete rip-off, but even if it is a rip-off, it's a very likeable one. If it were a bit more imaginative and a bit funnier, a bit more openly satirical, it might be brilliant. It's a comfortable and visually stunning trip down memory lane rather than anything more ambitious.


3D Dot Game Heroes (6/10): "In summary, 3D Dot Game Heroes is narrowly focused of players, but he does it with enough offset, references and humor to forgive him his foibles. A little crunchy, but still based, as the bun too long forgotten in the bottom of the closet."


3D Dot Game Heroes (4/4): "The game’s brought to life by a stunning visual style and genuinely iconic design choices that are delivered with a wink and a nod via the game’s outstandingly aware script. Gameplay-wise, the dungeon design can be a little flat, and the game’s a little too self-aware to ever identify a personality of its own – but when that plays into the joke, we’re struggling to consider it an honest criticism."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "For those that have grown up with video games, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a celebration of everything that encapsulates the concept of retro. It wraps you up in a blanket of nostalgia and whisks you off to a world that just isn't seen in video games today. Emulating the success of a franchise as significant as Zelda is risky business, but through humour, attention to detail and buckets of charm, 3D Dot Game Heroes just about manages to pull it off. Those who base their critique of the game around the word 'ripoff' have clearly missed the point here, and should take their superficial analysis elsewhere. 3D Dot Game Heroes is a game for gamers; a game for those who love the industry and embrace the geekery that comes with it. If you fall into that category, don't think twice about picking it up."

Midlife Gamer:

3D Dot Game Heroes (9/10): "I can confidently say that this is, without doubt, the best Legend Of Zelda style game since Link To The Past was released over 18 years ago. It’s a wonderful title that is the absolute pinnacle of the themes and aspirations of this current retro revival. This is very much a gamers game, and one that every Midlife Gamer should experience. 3D Dot Game Heroes is the closest we’ve ever come to giving out a ten out of ten with the MLG rating system and only misses out because it doesn’t, per se, fundamentally change modern game design. What it does do, is provide one of the most refreshing and entertaining experiences of this generation by celebrating and reinvigorating the ones that have gone before it. A true future classic."


3D Dot Game Heroes (4.5/5): "3D Dot Game Heroes is a game that will link veteran gamers to the past and reminiscence from their childhood gaming memories. The classic feel will bring veterans and new-comers together wanting to see what games were like in the 80s and 90s. The ability to create your own character is a nice addition to gamers who would want their imaginary hero to come true. Overall, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a must-have for every gamer who wants a charming retro gaming experience. It’s a great way to bring the past into the present!"


3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "Fans of The Legend of Zelda that wish the series to go back to its roots will find plenty to fall in love with here – 3D Dot Game Heroes is an unashamed cribbing of classic 8-bit action role playing games, with stacks of adventure, some decent level design and a surprisingly solid sense of humour and irony.  It might not be original, but it’s certainly good fun, and all credit to Southpeak for picking up the slightly esoteric title for a European release – spread the word, 3D Dot Game Heroes deserves a place in your PS3 this Spring."


3D Dot Game Heroes (7.9/10): "3D Dot Heroes isn't the most original game; it borrows a lot from other, older games seen on previous consoles. You can increase the amount of life you have by discovering lifeshards, many of the weapons and tools seem familiar, and the gameplay is rather reminiscent of other titles. All that being said 3D Dot Heroes does enough new and makes old ideas interesting enough that on its own it is an enjoyable title. At a lower price and a great deal of entertaining content, 3D Dot Heroes is worth your time, especially if you're a fan of old school games with a modern twist."


3D Dot Game Heroes (6/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes does have its moments and fun features, like a cute little avatar editor (guess what I made), and the ability to take screenshots and save them to your PS3's photo gallery. But every one of the problems it suffers from elsewhere is something that Legend of Zelda, through its longevity and the massive expertise of its designers, has either long since overcome or never had to worry about anyway. More or less everything 3D Dot Game Heroes does well, meanwhile, is something Zelda has already done better."

Playstation Universe:

3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes is well worth the $39.99 USD, even if you are not a retro-enthusiast. If you are anything like us, and miss the 8-bit days, you are going to love this game and want to share it with all of your friends. The graphics are a delight, the gameplay is simplistic and easy enough not to distract from the relatively dull story and the level creator is pretty interesting. The problems we ran into with 3D Dot Game Heroes is that it doesn’t add much to gaming’s history. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. While it lacks its own identity, we found ourselves giggling with amusement at how it brought us back to simpler days of gaming."


3D Dot Game Heroes (9/10): "There's much to like about 3D Dot Game Heroes, and though it may seem cheap to appreciate a game where so much has been borrowed from games of the past, it's hard to deny that Heroes executes on these stolen ideas commendably. It also doesn't hurt that the experience doesn't seem to lack anything that would be in a sixty-dollar game; Heroes will take a good 15-20 hours to get through -- though there's hours of fun to be had with the deep character creation toolset that lets you design your own adventurer -- which makes it a bargain at its actual price of forty-dollars. Whether you like the game still comes down to your ability to buy into its irreverent and reverential spirit, but it's hard to deny the depth and quality of Silicon Studios' love note to the genre."


3D Dot Game Heroes (9.4/10): "If you own a PS3, live for the glory days of gaming and find yourself needing an action RPG that doesn’t take itself too seriously, 3D Dot Game Heroes is exactly what you need in your life. It’s as though From Software gathered together hundreds of classic game fans, asked what their favorite and least parts of older games were and then created 3D Dot Game Heroes from the feedback. It’s nostalgic, challenging and smart. Best of all, it’s one of the more affordable PS3 games out there."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes might be a blatant rip-off of Zelda, but in cribbing from one of the most enduring games of the 8-bit era — and allowing us to populate a faux Hyrule in a new, tactile way — the game more than earns the right to swipe."


3D Dot Game Heroes (9/10): "Graphically the game isn't the most fancy looking title out there, but nor is it trying to be. It accomplishes exactly what it means to, and it's hard to really ask for anything more from any game. The real highlight of the game graphically lies in its lighting effects, which really add some extra 'oomph' to any enemy death animation. Caves look dark and cave-like, and the outdoor areas are very bright and vibrant; or as bright and vibrant as blocks can appear to be. The game's sound follows the same track as the rest of the game's design, sounding like a higher-quality version of something a NES would have been able to produce."


3D Dot Game Heroes (9/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes is challenging, but it’s nowhere near as difficult as Demon’s Souls - but it really doesn’t need to be. The overall experience is relaxed and humorous, and the retro concept stays amusing for the whole ride. If you’re a fan of the original Zelda or one of the many other dungeon adventures that followed its footsteps, 3D Dot is a great way to experience nostalgia without reminding yourself of all the things that have changed for the better in gaming. It’s a loving homage that carefully picks out the mechanics that made classic games charming, without dumping all the problems of the early 90s onto your plate. 3D Dot Game Heroes is a great genre piece that manages to be good in modern terms, too."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8.5/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes isn't a wholly original experience, but it's appealing enough that anyone with a bend towards the nostalgic - especially Zelda - will want to add it to their collection."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8.75/10): "In its attempt to recreate the experience of the early Zelda games, Atlus has crafted an impressive title in 3D Dot Game Heroes.  It’s faithful to its source material, sometimes to a fault, but it also adds enough depth and playablity to make it a worthwhile title in its own right.  But 3D Dot Game Heroes doesn’t really exist “in its own right”; it’s a pure homage to one of gaming’s finest eras, and it doesn’t make any excuses about it, nor is it in any way ironic in its appreciation and affection for the Zelda series.  Anyone with fond memories of the 8-bit adventures of a plucky young adventurer with little more than a wooden sword and his wits will be well-served by 3D Dot Game Heroes.  For those too young to remember the first appearance of Hyrule, 3D Dot does a great job of translating the experience into a form that’s more easily digested by younger gamers.  And if you have bad memories of playing Zelda the first time around, there’s something seriously wrong with you."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "Any type player will probably have fun with 3D Dot, but at the very least you’ll need to be familiar with the source material, or else so much of what the game does so well will be completely lost on you. Otherwise, you probably don’t have the time or inclination to play through thousands of hours of ancient games just to understand what’s awesome about this one."


3D Dot Game Heroes (7.5/10): "It's a shame that 3D Dot Game Heroes does not have the lasting power required in order to be truly special. As it stands, this homage/plagiarism to/of The Legend of Zelda is an enjoyable little adventure that will give PS3 owners the retro fix they need. Unfortunately, and I hate to say it, 3D Dot Game Heroes may have benefited more from being half the length and coming out as a digital title. It is still a good game that should most certainly be picked up by retroheads, but it will readily outstay its welcome and it'll take a lot of patience and more than a few days of having nothing better to do in order to stick with the game for too long.


3D Dot Game Heroes (9/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes is a fantastic game that can scratch the Zelda itch for PS3 owners looking for some retro sexy action. Though we could see the main story being beaten in about 12 to 15 hours if you declined to explore the world, we explored enough that it took us 25 hours to beat the game and complete a number of side quests. There’s enough replay value here to make it easily worth the $40 that Atlus is asking for the game."


3D Dot Game Heroes (9.5/10): "So yeah, this game is definitely a love letter to old-school gaming fans. I'm not entirely sure some of the more antiquated design choices will appeal to the modern gamer, there's a fair amount of backtracking involved in some of the sidequests that incorporates little more than running back and forth from village to village and talking to specific people. There's quests that are completely miss-able depending on your current progress, so if you're not really working on exploring every facet of that Overworld map then you'll miss a thing or two your first time out. The difficulty isn't that hard, the puzzles aren't too complex, and if you're expecting a challenge akin to Demon's Souls, then you might be a little disappointed. None of this bothered or affected me though, but I've been playing videogames since I was three years old (1983), so I'm more than willing to put up with some archaic designs if the overall product is solid, which 3D Dot Game Heroes definitely is. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then I definitely suggest picking this one up when it arrives here in May, I look forward to playing through it again. Also, the soundtrack totally rocks, and pay close attention to that loading save music."

Playstation Lifestyle:

3D Dot Game Heroes (10/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes is a fan service to old school gamers. That being said, the game is so much fun that it is enjoyable for anyone who picks up this gem of a title. The game doesn’t blow you away with its story or characters, but instead with its charm that shines through with every “dot”. The 10-12 hour quest is filled with much to do, and you’ll have fun doing it. Rounding out the game is the character creation, the mini games and more, all of which together make 3D Dot Game Heroes an outright steal at $40. Silicon Studio, Atlus and From Software have really outdone themselves; they have created a masterpiece made of blocks.

There, and I didn’t even have to mention Legend of Zelda even once…"


3D Dot Game Heroes (7.5/10): "To their credit, Atlus seems to acknowledge 3DDGH as the lightweight diversion it is, pricing the game well below the standard for a PlayStation 3 title and bundling a bunch of Japan's bonus DLC content onto the disc to boot. That makes it an irresistible deal if you're one of those people who, like me, still enjoys playing through 8-bit action RPGs like Zelda and Crystals. If you're not... well, maybe you'll still find something to like here, but don't be surprised if 3DDGH leaves you cold."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10)


3D Dot Game Heroes (8.7/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes may bring nothing new to gaming, but it brings a classic style of game to PS3. It’s fantastically warm-hearted and clearly made with real passion. The game itself has a few irritating issues, but all in all it’s great to see a game like this both made and released on these shores."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8.7/10): "In some instances 3D Dot Game Heroes has the same unique charm as LittleBigPlanet. While both games don't do anything too original, they take existing (or old) genres and add their own unique twist to them. 3D Dot Game Heroes doesn't quite pay enough tributes to be classed as a homage to the era, instead it can easily be classed as an updated replica of Zelda. While you will enjoy the 20 or so hours the game has to offer, you can't help but pine for the next true Zelda game, as Zelda does it far better. That said, in this day and age of generic shooters and rehashed genres, this is the type of unoriginal game that hardcore gamers are crying out for. Get it, get frustrated, love it."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8.5/10): "With a surplus of chip-tune drenched, nostalgic charm built upon a proved design mechanic, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a requisite buy for both sentimental gamers and neophytes yearning for a charismatic adventure title. While Heroes may not push our cherished pastime into new realms, it does skillfully illustrate that solid renovation can be nearly as important as innovation."



3D Dot Game Heroes (7.5/10): "Ultimately 3D Dot Game Heroes does exactly what it sets out to do. It's a nostalgic look back at the classic Zelda games sprinkled with some commentary on gaming history, and a great example of retro gaming done right, even if it does keep the flaws along with the goodness."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes is one of the most lovingly crafted games I’ve ever played. That doesn’t always translate to a great game, but it does ensure that every facet of the experience has been crafted with genuine care, and it shows."


3D Dot Game Heroes (6/10): "Despite its big faults -- badly designed quest challenges and very inconsistent structure -- 3D Dot Game Heroes is an adventure worth taking, but especially for Zelda fans. Others unfamiliar with the trappings of 8-bit gaming might want to be wary that it’s inherently demanding in a way that modern games aren’t. Ultimately, it's a lavish, pretty, and entertaining kneel at the altar of Miyamoto and as we all know, a game that's hard to imagine Nintendo ever making. Since Nintendo probably won't, I'm glad Silicon Studios tried."


3D Dot Game Heroes (7.5/10): "All in all, through all the wandering around and all the plain paths, this game does have a certain charm to it. If nostalgia and charm is enough, this game could be a great ride. But for those looking for a little more substance in their RPG’s, there are far better ways to spend £30. Fun in short bursts, but not up to much during long sessions, repetition soon sets in, leaving the player, frankly, a little bored during the long walks across Dotnia."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "Despite a few places where the retro chic gets a bit too retro, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a terrific example of how to make old new again. Even though it shamelessly borrows almost everything in it from other game series to some degree, there really isn't anything quite like it on the PS3 or any other platform. Although players can expect to spend less than twenty hours on the adventure, an incredible number of side quests, plenty of hidden areas to explore, and two terrific mini-games — a version of Breakout and Tower Defense called Blockout and Block Defense respectively — provide plenty of additional value. The character creator alone can provide endless hours of fun for the artistically minded, and there's even a new game plus. Although not as impressive as Demon's Souls3D Dot Game Heroes is a terrific look back at what made NES games great, and for $39.99, it's definitely worth the price of admission."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "In some instances 3D Dot Game Heroes has the same unique charm as LittleBigPlanet. While both games don’t do anything too original, they take existing (or old) genres and add their own unique twist to them. 3D Dot Game Heroes doesn’t quite pay enough tributes to be classed as a homage to the era, instead it can easily be classed as an updated replica of Zelda. While you will enjoy the 20 or so hours the game has to offer, you can’t help but pine for the next true Zelda game, as Zelda does it far better. That said, in this day and age of generic shooters and rehashed genres, this is the type of unoriginal game hardcore gamers are crying out for. Get it, love it, get frustrated."


3D Dot Game Heroes (7.5/10): "3D Heroes is a refreshing trip down memory lane. Other adventure games, including the franchise this is based on, have gotten so complex from a combat and exploration perspective that it's nice to take a vacation from all the modern bells and whistles and experience something simple again. There isn't a lot in 3D Heroes that hasn't been done before, but that doesn't detract from the fun. The bustling overworld is bursting with silly side quests and secret goodies, and though the dungeons aren't particularly hard, the bosses at the end sure know how to put up a fight. The lighthearted atmosphere strengthens the appeal, throwing in quirky characters, chuckle-worthy references, and an infectious soundtrack to keep things fresh. 3D Dot Game Heroes is a pleasant retreat for anyone who pines for the good old days, but even those without nostalgic links to the past will find an enjoyable experience."

Playstation: The Official Magazine:

3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "But perhaps it doesn't need to, because Dot brings enough new to the table, and delivers its homage with enough charm and character to make it worthy on it's own merits."

Hardcore Gamer Magazine:

3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "Thankfully, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a memorable game that winds up being more than just an homage to the past. It takes the top-down Zelda formula and expands upon it. It’s also a very funny adventure thanks to some snappy writing and an insane cast of characters. Musically, it delivers the goods, and the game as a whole should please anyone who has ever loved the top-down Zeldas. Plus, at $40, it won’t break the bank."

The Escapist:

3D Dot Game Heroes (6/10): "There's a lot of fun to be had with 3D Dot Game Heroes, but it puts too much effort into recreating the Zelda games and not enough into doing much new. Nostalgia will only take you so far sadly, and 3D Dot Game Heroes doesn't have much else to offer. The gameplay and plot lack depth on purpose, because they're aping a game nearly a quarter of a century old, without realizing that that isn't anywhere near as charming in a new game as it is in a much-loved classic."


3D Dot Game Heroes (9/10): "3D Dot is too good of a game to pass up. This is classic gaming brought to visually arresting life and made new in the process without doing much to the retro game mechanics. Better yet, the game is priced below full retail price and offers so much content that the value is staggering. 3D Dot stands proud for offering both a charmingly familiar and sublimely unique experience. That contrasting balance is a perfect way to pay respect to one of the most iconic gaming franchises in history, by understanding its essence of what worked so well and putting a fresh spin on it with a powerful visual style that makes a bold statement."

Critical Gamer:

3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "Nonetheless, it’s impossible to dislike this game. The fresh art style and sparkling script is a winning combination and gameplay, whilst intentionally familiar, is not only solid – but enjoyable. Your first playthrough will take anything from 12 – 25 hours depending on skill and sidequests, and a second playthrough is tempted via the unlocked ‘From Mode’ difficulty or ‘New Game +’. There’s also the mysterious ‘Spelunker’ mode to find out about…"

The Clik:

3D Dot Game Heroes (10/10): "I'm not taking anything at all away from the current generation of video games, but sometimes I miss the way games used to be. Back when simple, elegant gameplay coupled with fun characters and a little offbeat story could beat out anything the "uncanny valley" has to offer. 3D Dot Game Heroes brings all of that nostalgia back to a new generation of consoles. It follows a timeless formula and is, hands down, one of the best games of the year. Whether you're an old school gamer looking to relive your childhood or a newcomer to gaming just breaking in your first controller, 3D Dot Game Heroes has something to offer."

Gaming Nexus:

3D Dot Game Heroes (8.3/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes is as charming as the trailers may have led you to believe. The price you pay for your trip across memory lane, however, comes with both the good and the bad of retro gaming."

The Onion (A.V. Club):

3D Dot Game Heroes (9.1/10): "The foundation for all this goofiness is a remarkably well-designed, engrossing quest. The puzzles and sword-fights in Dotnia’s seven dungeons—including an enormous final mega-dungeon—provide a sustained challenge, and they almost play second fiddle to Heroes’ copious side missions and hidden bonuses. An entire tower-defense game tucked away in here can occupy hours if you’re so inclined. The uniting thread is the game’s steadfast refusal to take itself seriously. In a medium glutted with old-school series reboots and HD graphical updates, Heroes is the rare remake that honors the past while also saying something new."

The Entertainment Expo:

3D Dot Game Heroes (8.5/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes has a lot to offer action-adventure fans, but even more for those who like their games with a wink and a nod. It doesn’t hurt that the numerous references are from an era when many of today’s gamers were getting their start or back into gaming and are, like myself, overflowing with fond memories. It would be easy to say that the game coasts solely on nostalgia, but it doesn’t – though it does know how to work a reference. Behind the in-jokes, wacky non-playable characters, and traditional mechanics is a genuinely funny and enjoyable adventure that is great for all ages and going for a very reasonable price (MSRP $39.99)."


3D Dot Game Heroes (7/10): "I do recommend anyone who even remotely enjoyed the era of gaming this title attempts to bring you back to, to try it out – you’ll definitely enjoy it to some extent, just like I did. The game retails for only $40, which is a lot less than your typical current generation game, so it does offer a lot of value, even though the main story segment can be rather short going from start to finish without doing any of the side questing or mini-games. Given the amount of hype I built up for this title in my mind, did the game let me down? Not necessarily. However, a game can’t survive on nostalgia alone, and 3D Dot Game Heroes ultimately doesn’t do enough above and beyond that to fill my need of a great, must-have game."


3D Dot Game Heroes (7.5/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes is more than an honoring to Zelda franchise, it's the way to play an old school gameplay in Playstation 3. It doesn't surprise and copies the success of Nintendo's series, but is fun."

Game and Player:

3D Dot Game Heroes (9/10): "The rest of 3D Dot Game Heroes is pretty much structured on the classic Zelda gameplay. Sometimes it almost feels like you're just playing a Link to the Past HD remake with wacky block characters. You explore the overworld map, find the next dungeon, explore the dungeon, find a unique accessory to help you along the way to fend of enemies or reach new destinations, kill the boss, gain a piece of health meter — repeat. The retro style and humor may get a little stale after several hours, but it's so classy and true to its roots that 3D Dot Game Heroes fits nicely on the shelf next to our favorite childhood memories."


3D Dot Game Heroes (9/10): "So, when all is said and done, Silicon Studio have made something brilliant with 3D Dot Game Heroes. It won’t appeal to everyone and is probably more of a niche title than one may assume, but if you love this type of game then you’ll love 3DDGH through and through. It’s a homage to both old school games from yesteryear and those gamers who spent hours in front of the TV exploring, questing and fighting monsters. From the polished gameplay, the awesome visuals and the wry humour, there are ingredients of a real mini-masterpiece here. Sure, the core game is nearly identical to Zelda, but 3D Dot Game Heroes presents it in a completely unique way. It’s a blast."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8.5/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes offers an experience like no other. The customization option creates a new layer of making the game more of your own and allows you to create your own humor in title. Not only is the game a throwback of the classic games many of us grew up with, it also lets new gamers experience some of the richest gameplay elements ever to be developed. It's a tribute for gamers on all accounts. To pass on this game would be an injustice as it's not only one of the best PS3 exclusives available on the market; it's also a game you'll continue to revisit for years to come."

Vandal Online:

3D Dot Game Heroes (8.5/10): "This game is not going to mark a milestone in the console portfolio, but can easily turn into one of those cult classics that gamers won't forget for years."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "Fortunately, the game never overstays its welcome, and that alone makes it worth a recommendation to anyone who enjoyed The Legend of Zelda or other NES classics."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8.5/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes won’t win any awards for originality, but that’s not its goal. It’s a retro love letter to those wishing for the days of old. It’s an unapologetic tribute to the Zelda series. It’s a classic experience, upgraded to withstand the scrutiny of this generation. It is one hell of a game and, with a $40 price point, there’s no reason not to purchase it. Stay retro my friends."


3D Dot Game Heroes (7/10): "There's certainly quite a bit to do if you want to explore the land of Dotnia (including a new game plus mode), but I found that after a half dozen hours the charm had passed and the dated adventuring mechanics had turned the title into a rather short-loved trip down memory lane. If you're really into the old school then you may want to grab 3D Dot Game Heroes, but if you've never touched anything from days past, you should certainly steer clear. Its main draw is nostalgia, and even that fades quickly."

Digital Chumps:

3D Dot Game Heroes (8.4/10): "I think anyone who enjoys the older 2D RPGs from years ago will quickly fall in love with 3D Dot Game Heroes. It successfully blends tried and true RPG themes from yesteryear with a great new look and includes the ability to create and share your characters -- all for an excellent price."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8.5/10): "I suggest looking at 3D Dot Game Heroes as more than a highly polished Zelda wannabe with novelty graphics, because it’s a lot more. PS3 fans are lucky to have a title like this all to themselves and should at least check it out. If the PS3 is your only console, this is the closest you’ll get to Zelda."

CommonSense Media:

3D Dot Game Heroes (10/10): "The wonderful thing about 3-D Dot Game Heroes, though, is that it works as a fun adventure of its own, even if you have no idea who Zelda is. Everything that made Zelda games so enjoyable -- epic quests, puzzle-filled dungeons, hint-giving villages, a spunky fairy guide -- are in full effect here, too."

Giant Bomb:

3D Dot Game Heroes (6/10): "If you look past the tricky visuals, something that's admittedly pretty hard to do, you'll see a game that's operating on a lot of borrowed charm. There are differences, such as the fact that, when you're at maximum health, rather than shooting out an energy projectile with your sword, your sword becomes comically huge in a way that would put Cloud Strife to shame. It's different, and in an absurd way, but 3D Dot Game Heroes is still so deeply referential that a lot of it doesn't really work if you're not already in on the joke."


3D Dot Game Heroes (9.5/10): "3D Dot Game Heroes is an adventure that should be enjoyed by any fan of the NES generation, and should be played by younger gamers who missed out on the 8-bit times."


3D Dot Game Heroes (8/10): "If you ever enjoyed a Zelda game before Ocarina of Time, there’s no reason for you to avoid this. At worst, it will feel like a mere imitation of a time gone by. At best, it’s throwback gaming bliss."

Gaming Hexus:

3D Dot Game Heroes (6/10): "Looking underneath the surface, 3D Dot Game Heroes is actually a fairly solid game. The combat works, the bosses are well-designed, and the graphics are great. The real problem for me is that it’s too bogged down in its retro roots. Considering what effect that tag had on the game, all I see is dodgy humour, a rubbish menu system, irritating map scrolling, boring puzzles, and an incongruous set of weapons that paid homage to everything from Zelda to Bomberman in preference to actually being useful. Had the aim been to fuse fresh ideas and modern features with the atmosphere and feel of the 8-bit era, I think this could have been a really great game. As things stand though, it comes across as a sticky lump of confusion."



 Current average (64 Reviews) = 8.2/10

Metacritic average (31 reviews) = 80/100

GameRankings average (24 Reviews) = 81.06/10


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A lot of time put into getting the same border around all of the pictures as well as combining pics such as the 6x character pic, which I had to cut out portions of the official sites pictures and merge them together.

All in all though, I am very pleased. This game deserves nothing less.

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how true, so much effort was put into this, every little detail. there seems to be an unusal lack of pretty boys though, thats abit off-putting.

I'll start things off, so when you make your little knight man, hes made of nintendo gamecubes now is he? how... new. :)

Well let us start off by saying that the possible publishers here are Atlus, NIS, Ignition and XSEED.

Atlus, XSEED and NIS have been contacted for comment on a possible localization a month ago.

Atlus responded by saying that they think it looks like a fantastic game but no word on localization.

NIS responded by saying they would love to have the opportunity, leading me to believe it is not them.

XSEED was the only who did not return comment, so my money is on them.

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