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BenKenobi88 locked a thread recently with this argument:

Also, this thread is pretty is a list of all the upcoming games going to convince someone? Couldn't you at least try to explain why you think the PS3 is better than the other two?

I didn't want to lock this one right away...I figured I'd give you a chance to say why you like your console of choice...anybody could ramble off a list of future games and tell them to buy that system because those games are great.


A list of upcoming games is totally a valid reason for "Good Reasons to own a PS3".  The thread quickly got assaulted by Wii and 360 fans trolls going totally off topic with Ben joining them in the flaming.

Every argument I hear about the PS3 revolves around games.  About how there are no games for it.  Yet when someone lists the upcoming titles as perfectly good reasons, it's shut down.  Out of curiosity, how many threads are on the other forums talking about upcoming titles?  ( I don't even visit them, so your going to have to help me here...)

I did a quick search for "upcoming games" and I get threads like:

What should I get, PS3 or 360? (From a Wii owner)

Nintendo thread: What are some good Wii games that are out now?

Yet listing the games for everyone to see is not valid?  I'm serious now...

It seems the mods need help with this forum.  I have zero tolerance for trolling, platform criticism (Rule 4), and poster bad-mouthing (Rule 3.4) and you will be reported.

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