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highwaystar101 said:
WessleWoggle said:
We did shrooms and had sex all night long.

Don't ban me again, nordlead. It wasn't graphic this time.

Quoted for future generations to see.

Glad to hear you had a good, and above all else, psychedelic time lol.

It was psychedelic... He looked like the grim reaper at one point, I told him to stick his scythe in me. Good times.


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He has a really cool tatoo on his leg.

It's all the stuff from that rhyme and it's really colorful.
It was really cool to look at on shrooms.

Lol you had sex on shrooms? Wow, I don't think I'd ever do that. I've smoked and gotten a BJ though

whats a shroom??.

luisgvm said:
whats a shroom??.

Bad bad shrooms.

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ajajjaBoutros said:
luisgvm said:
whats a shroom??.

Bad bad shrooms.

jajajajaja!!!!. wow!. wessle. you did it on shrooms??.

After going through all 37 pages of posts, I feel the need to ask: Did you actually enjoy it or was it the shrooms talking?

Also, how can you combine physical exercise with smoking? Don't get me wrong, I'm a smoker as well. Probably it's because you're still young, but if you want my advice quit smoking. It's isn't doing you any good. I've been trying to quit for some time now and I haven't been succesfull yet..!

Tsuki ni kawatte...Oshiokiyo!

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It's weed I'm smoking(don't know if I specified). It's easy to do exercise on weed, it keeps your heart rate down and makes you able to work longer. There's no way I could exercise on cigarettes...

I still liked it after the shrooms wore off, so it wasn't just the shrooms talking.

Wow. I missed out on a lot. Congrats i guess since you've succeeded at having sex with the guy. And it's always good to know you enjoyed it. ^_^

I sometimes wonder if I'm the only gay guy to be dating someone close to my age. (I'm 25 he's 22).

I've dated plenty of guys close to my age! Just settled down with one a bit older :)