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nice reiview i was going to get it anyways even if reviews sucked cause i enjoyed the demo and  hopefully im gonna  pickup the microsoft wheel with it.



AlkamistStar said:
selnor said:
Darc Requiem said:
We need to get these guys to design a review system for non sim games.

It's amazing how may reviewers like IGN, Gamespot have these pathetic systems. When ISR have a system which perfectly replicates the opinion of the reviewer. Also I like the way ISR are not scared in the slightest to not give games points where it doesn't deserve it. Multiplayer for instance got 3.5/5. Even though they said it ws the best of any sim racer. Why? Because it only had 8 cars for multi. 1.5/5 knocked off for that, they are a very good reviewer and I have extreme respect for them.

Best reviewers ever IMO. To the point, not scared to tell the truth and a points system correct for the style of the game. One points system does not fit all genres. Until IGN and the like realise this, there reviews will always be to high and completely lacking.

EDIT: Watched the video, great explanation for every section covered, i don't think 2 whole points should've been knocked off for having 8 man mulitplayer, considering how many features, and customization there is for multi options, but overall, this is an amazing review, and these guys have definetely earned the #1 spot for racing reviews.

I don't see how they knock off so much for only having 8 cars  either.  Useually when you get more than 10 people into a room trying to race there  there is at least one  jackass who has no intention on racing and instead cause problems for others.  16 people just increases this to the umpteenth level.

Great review and I can't wait till I pick up this game.  I only wish I had the cash to buy a kickass setup like that.

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Cypher1980 said:
Dont think it was necessary to have a pop at GT5 but I guess Forza and Turn 10 have been the ones to pony up so to speak.

Cant wait for the two Sims to go head to head.

They didn't. They were being honest. They are known for no BS reviewing. GT5P scored okish for physics etc from them, but these guys play ALL sims day in day out, meaning PC sims to like Rfactor. So they know their stuff. Also they test in the best conditions for each game. They have NEVER reviewed a racing game on a gamepad EVER. There was no pop at GT5. What they are saying is GT5 has alot to do to beat FM3. ALOT. GT5P was lacking in the sim department to them and considering FM3 has the best score they have ever had including PC sims, they had every right to say GT5 has a mountain to climb not just a molehill.

Strange but this is the only forza thread that hasnt been over-run with sony fans this last few weeks... odd that.

I have been checking these guys and their reviews out... they are serious about this stuff!!

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perhaps it is because the thread is NOT about Turn10 asshole's comments. And since no one has ever claimed something like "FM3 sucks", no one is surprised by the praising made in another review.

In a way, it is too bad because : no Sony fans = no discussion = no posts = "dead" thread

I'm leaving while it is still "living".

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I'm surprised Sony fans haven't came in to downplay Forza in name of GT yet, but then again, these reviewers are the best of the best in the racingsim genre.

Go figure! October 27th can't come soon enough..

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@waron, racepro should score highly in sim dept, the racing feel is excellent im currently waiting 4 my copy to arrive, tried it at friends house was amazing game. sadly most ppl will hate it as its to niche for massmarket.

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Wow so F3 is pretty much the most realistic, best racing sim out there today...

Can't wait to play it!

That's another great score for Forza Ms 3.