Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Forza 3 very impressive indeed. Thank you Turn 10 for delivering a classic.

Well the gameplay is really good.




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Cant wait.

It was a good demo. Overall, my only complaints are that the graphics just aren't as good as the screens we were shown, there were times that there were a noticable amount of jaggies, and overall the graphics were just a little disapointing. But I went it thinking it would look better then gt5. Other then that I just don't like the idea of the rewind button, but you don't have to use it, the damage wasn't as amazing as I thought but still really good. In the end, not only was it a good demo but it showed that the game will be amazing when it comes out and thats all I cared about seeing as how my only complaints are cosmetic.

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i enjoyed the demo this game is gonna be awesome!

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I've played the demo a few times, i tought the grapchics look really really good i dont understand the complaints

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IF you don't play this game with a good steering are missing about 50% of the fun. I didnt even notice the amazing graphics since i was playing this on my 67 inch tv with the MS steering wheel.

Playing with the Mini and Evo is kind of relaxing...but man, the last car in the demo, in cockpit view...holy crap.

The games graphics did their job...and were so good that i didnt even notice how good they are. Game was too intense for me to try to see how shiny my car is...

How is that wheel? I was thinking about getting one.

@ Jagged - Try getting the new wheel that Turn 10 is releasing, they said it's the best experience for the game, and handles better than the MS steering wheel.

OT: The game looks great, and handles even better than Forza 2, definitely a must buy for me, i'm very happy with it so far, it'd be even better to experience it with a steering wheel though...time to invest

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The graphics are great and look the same as the shots released for the most part--I had to adjust my TV settings a bit until things looked more natural. The damage is really dissapointing IMO though. I didn't really get a good sense of speed from the game, but maybe that's because I did a race with each car in order starting at the Mini so it was too gradual of a difference between the cars or something. I wish they would have gave us a bit more, like another track at least, as the demo is quite boring as is. I also d/l'd the Dirt 2 demo and was really impressed by it. Both games are worth a look for sure.

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i dont like racing games.. but after the demo.. this is a must buy for me.. excellent graphics and framerate..