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I couldn't help but noticed  all of the PS3 nerds cheering with glee due to sales of the new slim model. These delusional fruit bats have even been claiming that PS3 will most certainly finish second this gen! Hilarious.

Let's look at this realistically. PS3 is still 8 million units behind 360. Last week PS3 sold roughly 150 000 more units worldwide than the 360.

8 000 000 divided by 150 000 is 53.3. So even at current sales rates due to the new Slim (which will not hold up btw) it would take Sony 4 and a half years (53 months) to catch up to Microsoft. Lulz. This is also assuming that MS has no more price cuts in store and assuming that Natal will not cause a spike in 360 sales.

Face it. PS3 is finishing dead last this generation. End of.



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I thought you got a life ban?

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The flame bait is strong in this thread..

hey trolldude, those sales numbers were weekly, not monthly. so according to your math it would take just over a year to catch up.


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VGChartz Hardware data for the period 30th Nov 2008 to 27th Dec 2008:

Console PS3 X360
Total 1,804,910 2,827,090

lulz - more than a million difference in console sales in just 4 weeks. it must be impossible for the ps3 to make up some ground this holiday huh?