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Epic battle! My vote goes to Link , wait, that bastard kicked out my lovely Samus, no way in hell I'm voting for him

I vote for Sonic! (Avenge your fallen partner!)

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sonic. Link is gr8 but sonic is the "blue blurrrrrrrrrrr" :)

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5 THINGS I'd like to see before i knock out:

a. a AAA 3D sonic title

b. a nintendo developed game that has a "M rating"

c. redesgined PS controller

d. SEGA back in the console business

e. M$ out of the OS business

Yay, Sonic won the last round.

I'm not sure who to vote for this time though. But lets say Sonic since I played more Sonic games than Zeldas.

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There can be no other decision made.


That is for always having the better sports games, SEGA!!!!! (on Mega Drive that is)

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go to go with Sonic because of ...

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