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it's clearly a fake

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Sega is dead confirmed...or is a fake.

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*sigh* Don't play with my Sega heart strings...IT'S JUST TOO MUCH!!

*cries in corner*

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nightsurge said:


Just look at their other headlines:

Led Zeppelin Rock Band?

Damn, I know it's fake, but that songlist is awesome. Why can't it happen in reality?

They missed some songs, though.


Still, it's pretty funny

fake news is fake.... unfortunatly

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fake news is fake.... unfortunatly

Wow. Team Andromeda is creating a new Panzer Dragoon game.

Pretty awesome considering they ceased to exist when the Saturn died.

The Dreamcast swirl with a 2 in the middle looks tacky as hell. If you're going to fake something, at least make it look plausable.

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I want to believe this is real...SEGA has pateinted console sonic which is real it all makes sense...PLZZZZ be real!!! I will be its number 1 supporter

lmao that site is full of BS.
Vagrant Story 2?

Sega will return to making consoles if one of the three current console manufacturers abandons the console race.

there's only place for 3 consoles and I believe that's why Sega stopped making hardware to begin with.