Forums - Sony Discussion - Users Report Firmware 3.0 ( Causing Uncharted Freezes )

It is funny, but some people from other forum claiming, that they are able to play Uncharted after 3.0, because it does not freezing in some specific point at the end :).

I believe it is rare cases.

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No problems here whatsoever.

After you give 3.0 time, it grows on you.

froze on me in chapter 4 right before the logs, didn't bother trying again though lol.

I think Game Informer should have some slapped together poll where any anonamous slug could post if they are having problems with update 3.0.

I'm willing to bet it tops 54.6%

(inserting comment since there's no eye_rolling emoticon) 



Also, no problems with the update here - on launch 60 gig or 80 gig "Fat Elvis" models.

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