US internet speed: is not making significant progress in making it faster

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Canada is even more screwed, I think. The fact that I get 8mbs is far higher than average here.



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Try living in Australia that is nearly as big geographically but with a population of only 21 million.

There already is a thread regarding this topic and study, although I am uncertain if the "online gaming" section is the appropriate section.

Yeah internet speeds in U.S are very slow.




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And some people think that digital download is going to replace physical mediums next generation.

Slow US speeds aren't because of the country's size. They're because (1) we waste $1 trillion a year on military-industrial boondoogles, while spending a pittance on basic infrastructure, and (2) suffer from a delusionary ideology called neoliberalism, which insists that The Magic of the Marketplace will solve everything.

Tons of other countries have realized that superfast broadband is absolutely crucial in upgrading their economies -- China, Russia, the EU and a raft of other countries have a wide range of public programs to boost their networks. If the US doesn't start doing the same, we'll become a giant banana republic.

It's true that the reason it is so slow in Can/Us is because the market doesn't realized they are getting screwed. Capitalism only works if the market is informed.



nordlead said:
Barack has a stupid goal to put broadband in "every home". If he really means that we will be paying thousands for people living out in the boonies to have essentially a luxury item. I can understand concern about phone, electrical, road, or water infrastructure, but broadband internet is purely a luxury item for average home consumers. To top it off, a lot consumers don't even need broadband as all they do is surf the web and don't even bother to use online video. If it wasn't for the fact that I use Vonage and online TV I would drop broadband right away.

Considering the sheer size of the US, I don't see why people like to compare our infrastructure to much smaller countries that can more easily install new lines across the entire country. I mean should we really be shocked that Alaska has a horrible broadband infrastructure?


Booooooo! you try being an internet nerd trapped in the boonies. It sucks. No options for half decent internet. We get satellite internet. Its TERRIBLE. And it costs $70 a month. We are only allowed 300 something megabytes a day download total.

I would LOVE to be saved from this terrible internet situation.

And the internet is becoming as essential to communication as the phone. Ive noticed lately that the friends of mine who do not use the internet frequently never get invited to parties. I'll run into them later and they'd feel depressed because no one invited them... because everyone communicates through the internet. While that has nothing to do with broadband, it does show that the phone is slowly becoming obsolete.

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I get 25 download / 15 upload Mbps and I live in the U.S.

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