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So, what do you guys think for Metroid Prime trilogy sales (worldwide)?


I'm guessing first week about 250-350k (tho I am leaning more to 250), lifetime 1-1.5 mill. I would love for it to be higher as the games deserve bigger sales than Halo, but it's not going to happen.

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I actually totally agree with you, also wish it would sell a lot more then that but I just don't see it happening.

I hope it'll cross 1 million lifetime, and I kind of expect it to. Not sure about first week, but I can see it coming around to about 200k lifetime.

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One Million??
I really don't expect such a great sales like this! Obviously I think Metroid deserves big sales (millions if you want), but remember that is a special edition with 3 old games, so a lot of consumers got it years before.
I think 400-450 k are more realistic numbers...

I think a lot of consumers that got it years before will want to replay with new controls. I am one of them. Metroid Prime sold almost 3 million copies, so I dont think 1+ million for MPTrilogy is that farfetched.

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If Nintendo advertises then it could sell 1.5 million.

They won't though so I'm guessing around 750k


Does anybody look at the preorder numbers? ~100k preorders should be good for around 150-200k first week (in America).

This has been discussed very recently.


so 200k in America first week, Europe will likely add another 50K or so. so 250k seems reasonable first week.

Well I'd go more with 150k and 50k to give 200k but yes something around that mark. Should be able to clear 1m lifetime.