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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - XBOX 360 slim, Good fake or...

Looks hideous.

It could be an all new DD only device from Microsoft, but damn it looks to plain, no style at all, real unglybut it could just be a prototype or something.
If real, where's the HDD and DVD drive?
What say you people of VG?
EDIT: it could also just simply be a case mod, just like that dude who made that 360 latop and PS3 laptop.
Turns out it's a case mod, that sure ended real quick XD

(I dont have enough time to do a full write-up of the entire worklog right now, so this will suffice for the time being)

Its the Xbox 360 Slim! After over a year of working on this porject, its finally complete! It was a long road of trial and error, plus a lot of overheating various consoles whilst trying new cooling solutions, but it got there in the end!


The features are:

Dimensions: 172×215x40mm (Less than half the volume of the origional case)

120GB internal  HDD

3 USB Ports

60mm blower fan cooling the CPU and GPU (Much quieter than the origional dual 60mm fans)


Now, the first thing you may ask is: Whats the point of having a 360 with no DVD Drive?

And my answer to that would be that the origional Xbox Slims did the exact same thing as what I did here, simply removing the DVD Drive to allow the console to be slimmed down, (since on the Xbox, games could be played directly from the hard drive)… Let me tell you, its a far, far more complicated process than just simply removing the DVD drive. The other reason is that I will be mainly using this console as a media center and for arcade games. 

One day when the 360 is hacked to allow the console to play games directly from the hard drive (without having to insert a disc), this console will become very, very handy. Until then, this console will be a media center.

But enough of my rambing, here are the pics of the completed unit!



And thats it so far! Expect a video and a full worklog sometime soon. Until then, Enjoy!

For a full history of the project, check out the Xbox-Scene thread that was created for this project Here.

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Not even Microsoft have such bad design tastes IMO.

looks like a hard drive with usb ports, this is fake

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My prediction: NATAL WILL NOT help 360 sales. Maybe a 50-100k boost week 1, then a 30-70 k boost week 2, and back to the norm again after 3-5 weeks.

Very ugly.

Everything PS3 = WIN!

Everything Xbox360 = FAIL!

Doubt it. Is the drive invisible or something ?

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I think it is a case mod of some current SKU. Look at the vent ports.







If that was real, MS might as well surrender to Sony.

Man, that's real ugly.




fake... and i wouldnt even consider it a good one