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Shenmue,Skies of Arcadia,Snatcher

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What does Snatcher have to do with Dreamcast? Isn't that on Sega CD (and later ported to Saturn or so?)

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ShadowSoldier said:
Shenmue,Skies of Arcadia,Snatcher


Funny you should mention Snatcher, because it was originally developed for MSX2, PCE had the first CD-ROM rev, and it was later released for Saturn (and PSX), but I can't recall Konami even releasing the DC version.

Please bring shemue to the Wii. The attention to detail in those games were godly, it made the dreamcast look more powerful than the PS2. Maybe it could work wonders with Wii too.

Anyways, to all of you wanting to play Shenmue, you better have patience. Shenmue is a very, very slow experience, and the controls are very stiff when walking around. But the game grows on you if you have the patience to play it, and when you have finished it, you will see why it is so great.


Haven't they made most of the back catalogue available in some form or other anyway? As a Wii owner, i can own most of the Sega-published Dreamcast titles worth owning between either new Wii games (Samba), or GameCube re-releases.

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Star Scream said:
Not so keen on Dreamcast games, as I've played them to death on numerous platforms, but I'd love to see SEGA re-visit Saturn one day.



Guardian Heroes XBLA



powerstone on wii would be awesome! in my opinion it rivals SSB in terms of a fun 4 player game.

also alot of games were proted over to the gamecube like sonic adventures and skies of arcadia.

I had shenmue but was too young to appreciate it. I think i still have the dream cast discs for it in my house, but dreamcast is broken however. would love for a re-release so i could actually play it properly

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Craan said:

It's a great Dreamcast game.


KungKras said:
Craan said:

It's the greatest Dreamcast game.

Fixed it for you.