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I love the idea of using the enemies to attack!! Sop Layle has tons of attack moves.

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damkira said:
Awesome music?


I hope they are just using all this country music for the trailers and videos because damn that music is terrible.

I don't like country music either, but...I like how these tracks sound. They're a lot different than the usual JRPG music we get.

^^ agreed, they need something more tales-ish or fantasy like, i guess i'm comparing it too much to zelda (seeing how it's turned out to be more of an action adventure than an RPG).

looks very very nice though. it's looking extremely polished, more and more each time i see it :)

gonna turn out to be a great game if things keep going the way they are!

Yeah I read all about this in this months Nintendo Power. I'm so excited for this game. It's on my top 3 games coming out for the wii.

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trestres said:
Amazing. I will be happy when we get a concrete release date.

S-E did say it's coming before the end of the year.

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game seems more of an adventure game than a jrpg. It's looking alright, not that good as some people say.

^^ I think the game is coming along great! the main character looks awsome, one of the best character designs i've seen. he looks calm and cool, but also fun (not boring), he looks strong and confident and totally un-wimpy (sorry emil)...

I do however think that the guy (Layle) needs another power, something like a sword but made out of "energy" or something, the thing i hated most about madworld was that you always had to look around for a waepon to use to get more points whereas in Zelda or No More Heroes you always had a weapon and weren't forced to look for one before you could attack.

has anybody seen anything like that in a video or something?

btw, i know that jack has a chainsaw as a weapon but you wouldn't get many points for killing people that way therefore you couldn't pass the level, it was annoying having to carry an enemy to a set of spikes or something everytime you wanted to kill somebody to get enough points for the level.

This rocks! Unless SE screws up, Crystal Bearers are going to be funny as hell.


Layle has a gun but I don't know if you'll be able to use that in normal battles on the field and not just air battles like the one in the beginning with the dragons...

Holy crap, this game looks fun as all hell. Camera control looks a little clunky, but I think I can live with that. I still miss Square's glory days on the PS1 when not every game needed to be an RPG, but they're officially off my 'scowling disapproval' list.

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