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So my Wii had given me an error message probably 4-5 months ago and stopped starting up normally properly. It was still possible to start in maintenance mode to play games. However today when I tried to run My Life As a Darklord, it came up with a screen that reminded me of the NES when it would mess up, so I think I better send it in for repairs and pay the cost. Anyone have any experience of about how long it'll probably take for it to come back to me?


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My friend kicked his Wii by mistake and screwed it up. He told me it was back to him 7 days later.

I have only ever heard good feedback from Nintendo customer service and repairs!

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I have no wisdom to lend you, just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear you're having troubles with your Wii.

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between 7 - 12 days

Most likely better than Sony and Microsoft.

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i had a friend send in his wii and he got it back in about two weeks.....from the time he sent it out to the day he got it back

he said their customer service is amazing (although his was still under warranty so I don't know how much the cost will be)

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Odd that your problem could be resolved by Safe Mode for so long, though.

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Is it still under warranty? If it is, you don't have to pay for anything.

When my Wii stopped reading CDs, I sent it in and got it back 5 days later. However, that is probably because where it was sent was the next state over.

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Naw, it was a launch console, so it's way out of warranty now. It seems like Nintendo generally has a good turn around time from what I've read. It'll just be kinda annoying since I've been working for a school district, and summer school finished, so I'm currently off work for another couple of weeks. I still have my Japanese Wii, but there were a couple of games I was in the middle of on the American one.

Yeah, since I started having to go to maintenance mode, I've figured I should probably get around to sending it in some time, but since it still seemed usable, other than the message center which is unavailablke in that mode, I never got around to it until now with it having more problems. I don't want it to get to where it might lose my saves or anything if possible. I already applied through the repair center. I'll try to send it out today.


Nintendo customer service is top notch, it shouldent take too long