Is Wii Sports Resort now one of your best games?

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No, I don't think so.

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I just got it today and i don't really like it, lol!
Most of the games included make my hands hurt o.O
Maybe it's because i haven't played any Wii games for a month or so, dunno.

Still i'm kinda disappointed :/


Definitely not - don't think I'd even put it above Wii Sports, where the Tennis and the Baseball challenges make it a more fun package overall for me. I will say hat the Power Cruising has me interested in a new Wave Race, though.

Definately one of my favourite games, sword fighting + table tennis + powercruising + bowling spin challenge +dog fighting are all just awesome.

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I would already rank the original Wii Sports in, or at least very near my top ten games of all time... so I imagine this will probably come close to top 5.

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Yeah, it is absolutely one of the best Wii game this gen. :D

I need to pick this up.

sguy78 said:
I need to pick this up.

Man you really do. Sword Fighting is just incredible. At the higher levels it gives you a glimpse at the potential of future games. And the total package in general is like a demo for games ranging from Zelda and Star Wars, to Star Fox or Rogue Squadron (hopefully still in production)

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I would have paid full price for just sword fighting and flying.
Anyone else now more psyched for Red Steel 2?

Oh, and LucasArts, its time, get to work!

i finally got the hang of basketball, now my high score is 22

i've never really appreciated flying until now, i spent 20 mins flying around the island get the i's and popping the ballons. i lvoe wuhu island, its so much fun to explore. i'm deffiantly getting wii fit plus so i can explore the island freely on a bicycle.

also has anyone else seen the whale in the water, i keep seeing this whale( i think its a whale) at night, does it have a i with it.

also i like how they are adding mii's like lucia and miguel that are a bit more frequent and are recognizable

lucia should be in the next smash bros

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