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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best Character This Gen

Pretty straight foward say who you like and why

Mine is Nathan Drake. Funny, run of the mill, but gets the job done. I really felt as if he just kept getting thrown into some crazy situations and took it all in stride. Also i've never seen so many cliches done so well

It doesn't have to be a new character but they must have appeared in this gen already eg. Master Chief.

And he must be judged on his performance in this gen not any of his previous iterations.

My 2nd choice is probably old snake in MGS4 i felt kinda sorry for him throughout the game


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Sackboy for me



Yuri Lowell is pretty kickass.

ooo im actaully torn between Nathan Drake of solid snake. but since solid snake is old and talks weird ill go with drake.

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Master Chief.

wfz said:
Yuri Lowell is pretty kickass.

This right here. Yuri Lowell is as badass as JRPG heroes come, and for the most part, any game hero. Never loses his cool, jokes in the face of impossible odds, and basically gives the finger to anything he doesn't believe. Hell, he even did it to his best friend, multiple times. All of this without appearing or being an ass.

GOTY Contestants this year: Dead Space 2, Dark Souls, Tales of Graces f. Everything else can suck it.

There is no doubt in my mind the the best new character this gen is Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. Sooooooo interesting, unlike 99% of characters created for most games these days.

Just kiss the tip.


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