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Top 5 people, top 5! :)

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noname2200 said:
I passed up the chance to buy Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. haunts me to this day.

My God.

How much was it?

nen-suer said:
Buying a PS3 before getting an HDTV

I did the same thing... Well the games still look pretty on an SDTV, it's just that if you play a PS3 game on an HDTV and then on an SDTV right after it will look bad lol.

1. Sega 32X
2. Not buying 34321432 Street Fighter IV TE Sticks and ebaying them all
3. Wii Play
4. Last Remnant/Infinite Undiscovery
5. Cross Edge

1. Giving Final Fantasy so many tries and wasting my time on shit

2. Hyped for DMC series and playing it backwards. 3 was good 1 & 2 are shit.

3. Buying Xenosaga (shit) with my PS2 instead of God of War.

4. Not playing Doujin Soft games sooner.

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I don't really have any big ones I can think of, but I did see a Virtual Boy at a garage sale for $6 and didn't buy it, which was stupid.

SaviorX said:

Losing several consoles that I used to own (Dreamcast, broken PS1)

Not getting into the Playstation thing (PS1/PS2) sooner, now playing catch-up.

Buying Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem and Baten Kaitos Origins.

Playing MGS2, expecting to go back to playing as Snake or at least move to a different level besides the Big Shell but..............

Not beating FF7 the first time I got it in 2000. Saving my brothers money by getting Freedom Fighters instead of paying more for Super Mario Galaxy...why?.....

Being too afraid to play Resident Evil 1 (GC) for years, but then beating it last month and loving it.

Seeing Azure Dreams at Sam Goody for $15 and not exhausting every means of acquisition before it disappeared forever...................that has to be my BIGGEST ONE. I think about it everyday.

What?? You didn't like Eternal Darkness? Did you beat the game?

Having an Xbox360.

1)Consulting the game guide to obtain the Fire Arrow In Ocarina Of Time, after having completed almost the entire game without doing so.
2)Not owning a console from the PS one/N64 era(Was too much in love with my SNES)
3) Never being able to complete Psychonauts, for some reason or the other.
4)Having ever thought purchasing Command and Conquer:Renegade at full price was a good idea.
5)Not having played Shadow of The Colossus.

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buying dozens of games at once and later lost interest on playing any games.