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R.I.P Michael Jackson


Anyway, I'm amazed. This is the first thread I have seen without fanboys attacking each other. Is this what it takes for everyone to be at peace with one another? I would say this should happen more often but that would be harsh to all the celebrities.


Time to listen to"THE THRILLER"!

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I grew up with Michael Jacksons' songs starting with the most awesome Thriller album.

Many things can be said about Michael Jackson, but the one thing that is hard to argue against is: He knew how to entertain. Off and on the stage. An entertainer.

I never got to see him perform live.  Sad news indeed. RIP.

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RIP Michael your music will forever inspire the world

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RIP to the most amazing music artist that brought us the best of the beats/

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Michael Jackson had the smoothest, cleanest tunes of all time. Listen to it Ganged and let the vibes flow through, and you'll see what I mean (note, if you have special ear for music, you don't need this); the rest of you, you know what I mean.

RIP Michael Jackson. He was our Elvis.

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“If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.” Michael Jackson

This quote was said by MJ a few days ago. Very shocking.


this fucking sucks. rip mj

This has been absolutely the worst 12 months for anyone this generation. Its like we can't catch a break.

Is it me or have all other threads died?

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