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I don't care if this isn't in off topic. This is huge and its all over the net right now thus 'online' fits.

At 50yrs he has died of a heart attack in CA.

No source needed, just hit google news.

FU if you talk shit about him! He is the best entertainer for all time. :'( I'm a sad panda.

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BBC says not dead yet

Yes I've heard there are some reports saying he has died. RIP to the greatest entertainer of all time ;-(

RIP, this is sad news indeed

They are saying he is dead, and now they are saying he isnt dead.


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Many sites are still not confirming death, however, he wasn't breathing when paramedics got to his house, nor when he arrived at hospital. So, I think we are all just waiting for the 'official' declaration.

I can't work anymore today.

MSNBC says he's dead too:


Great musician, particurlarly his older music. He changed music and will be missed regardless of how people feel about him.

What are you looking at, nerd?

Assosiated press has just CONFIRMED he is dead



wrong forum.

RIP nonetheless.

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