what is your favorite lord of the rings movie?

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mine is probably the fellowship of the ring, because it is the one that is most like the book.

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The Two Towers

The animated one.

The Two Towers easily. The Fellowship has the least action and I found it to be boring. The Return of the King is great but I think its the longest movie and the ending is like half an hour long.

The Two Towers has tons of action and a couple great battles so it gets my vote.

Definitely the Two Towers. The Battle at Helm's Deep is among my most favorite directed scenes in movie history. All three movies are great but Two Towers was just unbelievable.

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Anyone who remembers walking out of the theater after seeing The Two Towers will choose it. It was an incredible movie, and the fight at Helm's Deep was simply epic.



Ya, Return of the King was a brilliant ending to the triology, but you can't top that Helm's Deep battle!