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Good!! Now, you have entered into a larger world!

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The best Wii Fit game is the marble game...even if that's the game that I'm the worst at. :[

I'm not thinking of using wiiware soon
and you talk about metroid it the remakes of old metroid games?
It can be great if they are...because I didn't play any of them

Metroid Prime 1-2-3 in Augest I believe it is

Metroid prime trilogy is a value pack of metroid prime 1,2,3 on 1 disc remade to use the wii remote
for superior controls+ 480p widescreen which the first 2 didn't have originally. 3 fantastic games for the price of 1. If you never played these games you should give it serious consideration.

I played and completed all 3 but i will still get these versions purely for the updated controls and to relive the experience.

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Theres 2 new mario games coming soon. I'd get both.

The Conduit.

wii games are really fun
I just can't stop playing wii sports and wii fit...let alone other games

Try Grand Slam Tennis, this game actually make me feel like playing real tennis. XD