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Steroid said:
tedsteriscool said:
Oh my this thread has been derailed.

Don't look at me...

Oh no the railing has just begun.


Thats baby making music right there.

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Steroid said:
hatmoza 2.0 said:
^ Bend over Kirby! WE want candy

Topped with fudge!

Kirby IRL after reading these posts

sully... Kirby
Kirby.... Sully.

Now apologize for derailing Sully's Thread Kirby!

hatmoza 2.0 said:
sully... Kirby
Kirby.... Sully.

Now apologize for derailing Sully's Thread Kirby!

i didn't do shit I only stated that sony is the Big One again for the next couple of hours at this shop

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New title for this thread:

WOW, kirby007 pink a$$ currently number 1 on vgchartz

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Thats pretty cool.

Sony should try to cut the price this Christmas, sales would be enormous. But, if they can't they won't.

no surprise there

As always. Amazon is a horrible indicator of sales.

So it isn't an indication of what would happen with a $50 pricecut.


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Wow I like seeing that. $350 is a good price too.