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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Assassins Creed sold 4,5 million on 360 and only 120k on Pc?

The game sold 8 million units:4,5 million on 360 and 3,38 million on ps3.

That`s 7,88 million units on consoles.

So only 120 000 units on Pc? Is piracy that big? Why are they making AC 2 on Pc also,if they had so low sales?

And it`s releasing the same day as the 360 version,so people that will not buy the game will pirate it on Pc.

The sales on Pc are obviosly horrible and the sales on 360 are stunning.

And last but not least,I don`t like the fact that many people pay for a console version,while many people don`t even bother going to a store,they just click on a torrent,download and play.

That is just not fair. What`s your opinion?

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Well No it isn't, then again it did come out months after the console versions, so anyone who actually wanted it, got it for the consoles. BTW I actually have access to assassin's creed 2, well sorta I guess I could ask someone to give me a go during the break.

I didn't even know there was a pc version. I'm guessing people who wanted to play it opted for smooth running/reliable consoles with HDTV over a computer screen.

You can't be serious. You can't take that as a figure that the PC version sold 120K. First, he didn't give exact figures, could have meant anything between 8m and 9m. It's not 8m exactly. And second, you're comparing shipped to sold.

Still, the PC version must have sold worse because it was a late (and buggy) port, so it's not really surprising anyway if it had sold bad

I don't know how many it sold but it has to be better than 120K. Also nobody has the numbers for purchased downloads.

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They could be referring to shipped console games?

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i hated the game, no offense to anyone who loves it but riding the horse was the fun nest part i think.


axumblade said:
To be fair...the PC version released a good 6 months later and had some issues when it came out iirc.

To be fair...the Pc version got leaked and was all over the net a good time before the game hit the stores.

And if you click on the link,he doesn`t say console sales...he sais total sales.

Many bought the game on consoles...and many pirated the game on Pc. Few Pc players bought the game.

120 000 actually

So...why do developers keep doing this? They keep supporting the Pc like there is no piracy. It is the most piratated platform.

Click and download. Simple. I think they are shooting themselved is the legs.

My only problem is that onest people buy the console version,whyle a thief pirates the Pc version the same day.

Not fair at all !!

Maybe he is going by shipped and not referring to any sales on Steam and such.

i heard it had hefty pc requirements. that might have also contributed to it