'Under Siege' built entirely with in-game editor, trailer released

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"We haven't heard much from Under Siege in quite some time. The real time strategy game may be a download-only game, but that's not stopping the development team from implementing a LBP-esque level editor. To ensure the in-game editor works as well as it should, the team has created the entire game using the tool. "Having built all our levels using a PS3 controller led to constant improvements in both the interface and the control scheme so that our level artists wouldn't feel constrained by the input device," the development blog notes.

With the release of the game's first trailer (above), it's clear Under Siege is getting closer to release. Expect much more on it in the coming months."


It looks pretty impressive for a PSN title, hopefully it will play well. And I can't help but wonder about the controls scheme with what the article said, hopefully it means it will be good.

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looks sweet

it seems these guys trying to do something really good :)
I hope they can

brave move building the game with the in game level creator, that shows great confidence. Hope it works out well for them.

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