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what the hell does any of this have to do with the hardcores?

When you say "hardcore loyalty", do you mean the loyalty is hardcore? Or do you mean that hardcore gamers have a stupid sense of loyalty?

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There are traitors amongst you. I suggest a good old fashioned purge or two.

Nah, we're all sub consciously biased in some way, and it's so not fun being PC. I see at worst, the fanboy wars more like a sports rivalry, there's no reason, it's just fun. It only goes overboard when you literally loathe the other team and become completely obsessed with it. So again, with the sport analogy, as long as riots don't start, it's all fun.

Also, looking at the list there are a few people that I don't consider to be unbiased XD (again not saying that they make a conscious effort to be fanboyish, but they're definetly biased, and some of them pretty damn far. I'll rather someone just come outfront and say "Here's what I think about this, but mind you I'm biased towards this system" or "Never played this game, but from what I saw from the trailers, media, etc here are my impressions, etc".

You can be biased, and you can be on the strong spectrum of something while being polite, and respectful.

Blind loyalty to a company is illogical, but I say that our biases are determined by how well the companies served us in the first place anyway, so it all balances out.

So I reject your LFGM, and say to all of you who joined, stop being pussies. Just admit that you're all biased in some way, whether or not you mean it or not, and just be forthright with your flaws. That is the only way we can deal with our own fanboyism and bias, by acknowledging it. Otherwise, if you don't acknowledge it, and don't see yourself as having a problem/flaw how would you be able to counteract it?

It is because I know and acknowledge that I am a fanboy that I am more careful with my posts than I would have been had I not acknowledged it.

I'm too loyal to war so can I be the nemesis of this group?

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Yawn! Good morning, all. I approve of this thread, even if a few not-so-unbiased people are slipping in between the cracks. Perhaps they'll change their ways by coming here?



Yeah, I don't believe it either, but I can hope.

Bloody gorgeous day outside, by the way. I think I'll pop over to Leith Links (which, fact fans, is where Rockstar drew their 'Leaf Links' name from in GTA). Today was going to be a Mass Effect day, but no longer!

Err, so yes, sign me up.

Join the loyalty-free gaming movement by having loyalty in name and action towards the movement. Does no one else find that hilarious.

Instead of having a namesake... I'll just do it. That's just how I roll.

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theshrike said:

Excellent, I dont see any reason why I cant be for the playstation and be willing to understand its faults and critically look at all the facts. However it would have been nice to have the attractive OP poster to invite me ;) (I am probably going to burn in hell for that)

Lol, I'm sorry I'm not the attractive OP. Perhaps she will still ask you to join the ranks.

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add me, please.