I'm Sorry but PS3 & 360 Motion Peripherals = Epic Fail.

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I'm have to say that I am HUGELY dissapointed with both MS and Sony for their motion peripherals.

I mean, both MS and Sony admitted defeat to Nintendo at this point...but this garbage???

After seeing both Project Natal and PS3's little mic thing in "action", both look beyond fraud to me. The most amazing thing is how a short two days ago EVERY SINGLE one of you HD fanboys were up Nintendo's ass for how stupid the path they took with the Wii is. Today, half of you are talking about about how motion plus is going to be eclypsed by that ugly ass (opinnion, I know it was just for the tech demo) microphone Sony showed yesterday. The other half have of the people half some stupid tagline in their signature about how Project Natal is the future of gaming. Face detection and voice recognition. OOOOOOOOH. WHO THE HELL CARES??? They both look garbage!!!

The only motion add-on peripheral I will be purchasing this generation of consoles is Motion plus. Why? I know it will get tons of support from Nintendo and we will see creative and fun games. At this point, no matter what MS and Sony do their peripherals will never recieve as much good conent. For gods sake leave nintendo to what they brought in this gen. and stick to what you already have. You will never see a game that looks as good as Killzone 2 on PS3 with motion sensetivity...it's a sad truth...get over it.

MS and Sony lost a lot of respect from me. I know business is all about money but wow.

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Main point, you don't have to use them

Actually Sony's eyetoy came out before the Wii mote came out. Get your facts straight

I can't wait to see sony use their motion controller on a game like killzone or uncharted. But like leonidus said you don't have to use them but some others will. Nothing wrong with having options.

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Both look promising.

Both add new stuff to the table.

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rafichamp said:
Actually Sony's eyetoy came out before the Wii mote came out. Get your facts straight

Yes, but Sony could never get it to work the way it should. Technically they copied te Wii, since it forced them to create wands of their own.


Both are obvious wii knock offs.

Natal is too sophisticated and impractical.

PuRple ps3 wand with g-spot stimulator is dumb.

Gamers are sooooooooooooooo hypocritical in these forums

I understand the OP's point; If you hated or hate motion controls before, why is it now motion is cool when your console of choice implements it? He's basically calling out the fanboys.

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wii mote is almost mandatory and ms and sony are just alternative controls... even in next generation the standard control for ps and xbox will be a dualshock thing and a second generation of the xbox actual control ... thats how i see it and if this dont happen i will turn to PC gaming again!

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rafichamp said:
Actually Sony's eyetoy came out before the Wii mote came out. Get your facts straight

Actually Sony didn't make the Eyetoy.