Metal Gear Solid: Rising Coming to Xbox 360, (Possibly PC, PS3)!!!!

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Kojima took the stage at Microsoft's press conference and dropped a major announcement:

Remember all those teasers we saw over the past month? It wasn't the new PSP game. It was, in fact, a completely new series in the Metal Gear franchise.


UPDATE: Looks like there might be confirmation that MGS: Rising could well be coming to the PlayStation 3 and PC in addition to Xbox 360. Konami's list of games on Games Press (a private PR service for the press) now shows the title coming to all three platforms. Konami unfortunately will not make official comment at this time, so we will have to wait for all the rumors to be proven true or false until tomorrow afternoon when Sony has its conference (11AM PST).


I AM FUCKING EXCITED!!!! Shot right up to the top of my most anticipated game after FFXIII twins ofcourse.

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