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I will be!  I happened to be at WalMart earlier today and noticed that they're going to start selling copies at midnight tonight so looks like I'll be making a midnight WalMart run.

I was going to download it from Direct2Drive or the EA site so I didn't have to deal with having the disc in drive but apparently the disc version doesn't have SecuRom (only has Disc Check) while the downloadable one does.

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So the biggest game of the year )top selling) launches and there's mo hype

anyway my sisters hyped for it!

it sucks because you can do so much more in sims 2 with all the expansion packs, and now they take so much stuff out of game, so they can rip you off later with expansion packs. The game doesnt even have a diving board, or a hot tub in it. Come on, vanilla sims 1 had those!!! you know they are gonna put out Sims 3: pool pack, within the next year.

the games really fun though, how you can interact with the town, and there's always something to do with all the opportunities and promises, and lifetime goals. It's going to be a lot of fun once they start releasing expansion packs.

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I would be, if I had money. This will have to wait. I'm still excited about it though!

You're better with the disc indeed! Oh and technically I'm getting it, though my fiancé is the one who bought it... I'll have the Collector's Edition.

I'm very excited about the game and can't wait to see the kind of ideas they've come up with... Of course I read about much of the features but there are things I have yet to discover.

Also there's so many potential ideas for expansions... Imagine not only a town but other countries? That could be awesome for a vacation type expansion.

Anyway, the game sounds really nice and I'm pretty sure it'll be better than Sims 2. ^__^

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What's in the collector's edition?

A plumbob usb drive (2GB), exclusive downloads, prima guide and some other things I can't remember...

Ah ok, I knew there was one with a guide and some other DLC, just wanted to make sure it was nothing I hadn't heard of.

Also, just decided to call my local WalMart and apparently they aren't stocking it at midnight. ;_;

Awww... Well if it makes you feel better, I won't be playing the game till the 15th... =/

Buying a PC game.. unheard of.

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