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this is probably the last time your gonna see me on the forums cause ill get a "permaban" as one of the moderators say here is the message :

"You are receiving this message for violation of forum rules regarding Other (Change your avatar, next time is permaban.)

[Post Reference]

Please review the forum rules here to avoid future moderation action."

Do the mods lack sense of humor / sarcasm ? must every thing considered as offensive and inappropriate ? whats wrong with my avatar ? which "rule" did i violate ? or is it just this one who insist on getting me banned ? cause I've seen a couple of nice mods but this mod insist that i get banned.

well for who ever I played brawl / mario kart / bwii or what ever game it was fun and thanks, and i had fun ! I'm thankful for what ever I got from this site !

Sayonara !

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I don't think it has ANYTHING to do with the fact that you are mocking a popular game with some poor attempt at an insult.

Same thing would happen if somebody had a "Cockzone" avatar.

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bye then...

I'm not really here!

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I've seen people get away with... console wars avatars before. I think the specific problem might be the word "galo." Discrimination based on sexuality is against the forum rules, I believe.

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you have 1 day to change it, or it will be permanent. Unless some other mod decides to ban you first. You have been banned way to many times over this, and I don't even know why we gave you so many chances. You've spent over half a hear banned with this account.

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Who are you?

And why do you feel bad... when your avatar says "Galo"?

Just change it and stop being awkward

Goodbye and I hope puberty isn't too painful for you!

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Try putting a spin on it and claim you are referencing the traditional use of the word 'gay' which means happy.

So you are saying you like Halo, in a way. Thus there being nothign negative about the avatar at all.




and btw i wouldn't of warned you if i was a mod, it would be a instant ban