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i love the dark theme and the font coloring. only complaint i have is on my tmobile g1 this site looks like crap and and half the links, pictures, and pages wont load. it also kills my battery.

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Yeah, I think customisable colour schemes would be a good idea. I like this one, though.

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Works well on a DSi. Entered this message with it. With Opera`s column mode everything displays sweet!

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GAH! This will take time getting used to. I hate change.

That said, I think the new features seems interesting. I've been wanting a reviews section for a while, and the added yearly function for others and worldwide is VERY welcome.

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umm are we getting moderators version 2.0 ?

cause i got this in my inbox ?

"You are receiving this message for violation of forum rules regarding Other (Change your avatar, next time is permaban.)

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Please review the forum rules here to avoid future moderation action."

can some one tell me what is wrong with my avatar ? cause i really dont feel like getting a ban again

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aww my DSi cant handle the new site :(

I found a bug (I think).

The publisher total greatly exceeds the total software sold. This is obviously not correct. The publisher total is, in fact, the worldwide publisher total, rather than the Others publisher total.  The same error is there for Americas and Japan.


Oh, and the "total sold" on the game DB dissapeared! It used to be there. Okay... Fine, it didn't, I just want it to be there. (The first one is a bug though).

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When I went to the Wishlist of MadWorld, my avatar didn't scale properly, so it was only a part of it that was shown.

I cannot open the links on the top (home, world charts, etc.) in a new tab or link. Major issue for me.

Also, I need to scroll to the left and right to read the posts, why is this? Please fix it ioi!

In general I like the new look, but I must admit the old look was a lot more professional. The mainsite now looks like you don't know what you want, so you decided to just put everything in. It's way too busy.

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How do you search the forums now??? i can see game search but not site search...

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