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I'd cry because I'd then realize I was old

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First of all, you assume I'd get the a game like that in your description. Sorry, but that won't happen. If they want to save up for it, fine, but no, in the meanwhile, from a young age, they would have access to my collection. And maybe I'll give them access to the first thing I played- the Atari 2600...


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Put them up for adoption.

Of course i'd probably do that if they liked all my favorite games too....

Kids suck.

Lock them back in the basement.

HOLY CRAP!!!! and i was thinking in making a tonight!!!

Shit!!! now I'll have to wait until I find a solution to this dilemma!!!

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Just try to get them to like my games, if they don't then oh well. I won't really care.

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Make them play said games.

Then they would soon realize how good my taste is in games. 





Euphoria14 said:
Is there a way I would be able to trade my kid in for a new one?


hahaha i agree

The Ghost of RubangB said:

If you had a kid who said "(your favorite games) are all for old farts" and only wanted to play some 4-D super-ultra-HD web 5.0 virtual reality games about shooting space marine hookers full of dynamite, ... 

What would you do to prevent or punish this behavior?


 I would agree with them... That sounds like the greatest fucking game of all time..

please tell me it has a working cover system.. and online multiplayer...

Give the kid to Madonna and sterilise the mother.

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