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anyone explain how pay to play works for this game? I've been to find out more information but all I know is that we have to pay a annual/monthly fee, in order to play online.  I really hope thats not the case, maybe more info at this years E3?

Im really excited about this game tho, I can wait to try out online and split screen co-op.

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In Japan you have to use Wii point(JP) to play this game monthly.(No need JP address like MHG on PS2 ,only need Wii point and Wii[JP]).

Still no information that we have to pay2play in US or not.

Must own. And split screen co-op!


And not one Monster Hunter game has had pay2play in America. It is not smart to assume this one any different. Basically all of the Monster Hunter games in Japan have had pay2play. So basing pay2play in America upon Japan's status is simply ignorant.

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Dazkarieh said:
I've got it :D (well, the demo). I don't think I'll sleep tonight. Finally, Rune Factory is going to leave my Wii (it insists of not getting out... even after the arrival of Little King Story).


Enjoy it; i just finished it on both quests with a Great Sword, going for Sword&Shield now. Just don't let the damn wyvern heal, OK?

Monster Hunter 3, in my opinion shouldn't have pay2play until the series gains support in America.

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Looks like one hell of a game.