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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who is the hottest Male Character?

I'm starting this one because the other was locked. So who is the hottest male character. Also if you feel like it post a real life photo of the person who could play that character in a movie for it. Since we were having that discusion in the other thread. I'll look for someone to play Chris Redfield.

I pick Chris Redfield


Look at dem muscles

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Waka from Okami. He's a nice guy.



MontanaHatchet said:
Waka from Okami. He's a nice guy.



You mean this guy. I just decided to look for him. I never played the game.

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oh god, im gonna puke. those are some horrible choices (besides Chris, yumm)
no offense ya'll.

aww man, this one is in gaming too

*crosses fingers for thread not to be locked*


EDIT: im LOVING that second pic of Chris

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Here is a good picture of Drake.

Well that picture of Waka is way too realistic looking, kind of ruins the point of Okami's art style.



I need to get this thread going. A nice butt shot.


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