Which console do you own? PS3, Wii or Xbox 360?

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Wii (+ dreamcast :D)

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Wii - Xbox360 - PS3

W29 said:
stof said:
Xbox 360. Just remove the 360 part.

Wow stof no next-gen console. Your really behind, whats the problem?

I have a DS. Now am I accepted?


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DS lite FTW!

(plus a Wii)

Out of all the posts here are my results

Only 360: 6 people
360 & PS3: 8 people
PS3 & Wii: 5 people
PS3: 9 people
Wii: 24 people
All 3: 8 people
PS3, 360: 3 people

Is the PS3 and 360 supposed to be 8 people or 3 people. It the first 360 & PS3 supposed to be 360 & Wii?

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360 only for the moment. Sold the Wii.

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