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Forums - Sales Discussion - Wii market share the road to 60% or are we there yet?

when will the wii reach 60% market share?

could it even do better?

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Wii is struggling to reach 50%

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It depends really, if the other consoles increase their sales over last year the Wiis market share may stagnate at this level? Or... not. LOL Its hard to say with the Wii!


60% looks beyond the Wii as things currently stand. 50%, maybe, but 60% looks like a step too far. Of course, Nintendo may have something up their sleeve that none of us know about that may change that, but I'm hard pushed to see how the Wii could be more attractive.

Price cut really pushed the 360, and the Wii has yet to have one so who knows.

But right now it's moving away from 50% so hardly on the road to 60.

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Don't think it has any chance of doing 60%. Not even sure if it will manage 50%.

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It would take a $99-149 Wii to see any sort of significant increase (well beyond tenths of percentage points) in market share, almost three years into the current console cycle.

That's the price at which virtually anyone with only a casual interest in video games would be likely to pick one up on impulse or without a great deal of thought over the matter.

But the most likely trend will be that the Wii continues to sell roughly half of the current gen consoles being sold.

At this point in the generation, big new games or IPs, 1st or 3rd party regardless, will only result in temporary bumps in hardware sales, similar to what is seen on the Xbox and PS3.

But barring any major unforseen changes in the console business, it's already too late for the Wii to see the same level of dominance that the PS2 saw last generation.

It will reach 50%, but I'm not so sure about 60%. Nintendo still have price cuts, new colours, remodel cards to play yet. Motion Plus should also enhance interest.

It's not on track to 60%, but 50% is probably going to happen (even with the software drought it often sells more than PS360 combined).

60% could conceivably happen if the Wii has a very long lifetime, after it's launched in other countries and if the other platforms have a shorter lifetime. Though at that point it doesn't matter much anymore, except for bragging rights.

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most of what has been said is true but it will also depends on how broard the appeal of both 360 and PS3 are if they cannot go beyond the core and semi- core the Wii may do it from the greater market appeal.